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Volume One set up the premise,

Volume Two built up the world,

Volume Three shook the world,

And now RWBY returns with Volume 4 with a brand new animation style, does it still hold up and does it match the hype? Considering that day 1 of release the severs at Rooster Teeth crashed because of traffic is already in the pro section, god I love that fact so much!







It’s been several months since the conclusion of Volume 3 with team RWBY now split-up and dealing with their own personal storylines.

Ruby is off to Mistral with the remaining members of JNPR, Weiss deals with Papa Schnee (seriously screw him), Blake returns home and Yang needing to get a hand (god damn it Barb)


With a brand new animation style, animation and music, Volume four more revolves around the four girl’s own personal storyline while juggling between all four than anything else. With the plot more of an underline, as the effects from volume 3 seeping in once and awhile just to remind you either that it did happen or just to tug at your heart strings. With the rogues gallery of evil plotting their next phase and taking a somewhat interest in Ruby, can the girls overcome their personal demons and find each other or to suffer alone?



And now its time for the good and the bad for RWBY Volume 4


First the good:

    ·        The new animation makes it so much smoother with a new art style while still keeping to the classic fighting and look of the previous volumes.

    ·        We get introduced to new and old characters

    ·        The fighting scenes are still on par

    ·        Salem’s ‘Theme’ (Divide) song every time she on screen is so chilling and awesome that it needs to become a thing.

    ·        Ironwood is becoming one of my favourite characters as his evolution from that ‘maybe a bad guy’ in volume 2 to a freaking bad ass is on its way.

    ·        Some heart string tugs

    ·        Tyrian, what more do I have to say?

    ·        The threats feel more grounded and real than just Evil McVillian snickering in the shadows (though they have some of that too)

    ·        The music is just perfect, ever note in it just hits right, I NEED this album.

    ·        We get eight World of Remnant, instead of four with some that many fans had wanted to see including myself.

    ·        The most surprising character development to the one of the quietest characters is well deserved.

    ·        The best build up to a Grimm reveal since never.




And now the bad:

    ·        There can be too much exposition which is for world building and this show is built be more a saga like the last three volumes but it leaves it to be a bit boring at times. (chapter five is a good example of this)

    ·        The new animation does take a moment for your eyes to adjust since it is a new style all together but this enjoyable so this is more of a nit-pick then anything else.

    ·        PAPA SCHNEE IS A %##%%) ##%$%#$% $)#^*(@ $%$%!!!!!!!

    ·        When you have four main characters you need to tend to show them, when you split them up you need to give right amount of each, having this whole juggling these five balls, the four girls own stories with the main story and at times they do get it right which is a good thing but they tend to drop one or two balls which is bad.

    ·        The pacing could have been a bit faster.

    ·        The episode lengths, now before I’ve said that 10 minutes minimum was enough now I feel it needs to be longer maybe push it to at least 15 minutes minimum, I feel like Oliver Twist asking for more, I really should keep my mouth shut and enjoy what I got.



RWBY Volume 4 is a slow burn dealing with the characters and their own stories, it was not exactly what I expected but satisfying and enjoyable maybe too slow at parts and dwells into way too much of exposition however with being about the characters and there personal story to find themselves again causing it to be more character driven then plot driven, in some strange way it kinda reminds me a bit of Volume 1 maybe by the set-up that volume 4 had or maybe the feel of it. In the end this is the beginning of a new saga, which it does feel like with some great action, heart strings pulled and an end that stunned me… well done Roosterteeth you get a point for that!


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I'm always open for ideas as for collabs or partner in something i haven't got anything for that types of things... yet!
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