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The Barn Part 3
"Ugh, my head," Rebecca said, rubbing her head, "What happened?"
She slowly got up, looking around.  She was all alone, in a small dark room, the ground was covered in hay, and she was completely naked.
"My clothes!" She shouted, when suddenly, she remembered everything; the barn, going back in time, Don the farmer, and all his lies and treachery.  "That pervert farmer.  What the hell did he do to me?" She looked down at the injection mark on her arm.  There was a rather large blob shaped bruise around the area.  "Oh god, is this some kind of allergic reaction?!"
"Rebecca?!  Is that you?" Came Katie's voice from somewhere nearby.
"Katie?  Yeah it's me," Rebecca replied, relieved to hear a familiar voice, "Where are you?  Are you okay?"
"I'm in some empty room," Katie was clearly scared, "It's so dark and the ground's covered in hay and, oh yeah, I'M NAKED!"
"Me too," Rebecca replied, equally frightened, "How did you end up here?  Do you reme
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 85 3
The Barn Part 2
"If you don't mind me notin', you two ladies sure are dressed funny," Don said, "Where abouts you find them clothes?"
"What?" Rebecca responded, looking down at her outfit.  She was wearing a tank top and jeans.  She looked to Katie, wearing a t-shirt and jeans.  "What do you mean we're dressed odd?"
"Well, she's dressed like a boy," He pointed to Katie, who clearly was unappreciative of the comment, "And you look rather like one of 'em new found hippies.  Yer not one of 'em are ya?"
"Hippies?" Katie questioned, "What do you mean new found hippies?  What year do you think it is?"
"I'd hope the same you folks do," Don began, a worried look appearing on his face, "Why it's 1971."
An utter silence fell upon both girls, a stunned look on their faces.  For a brief moment, the barn fell into a hush, only to be broken by a few horse neighs, donkey brays, and a mooing dairy cow.  That's when the girls finally began looking around the barn.  All of the ho
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 65 1
The Barn Part 1
"Come on," Katie said mockingly, "What are you, scared?"
"No!  I just, don't want to go into some stupid old building," Rebecca shot back, "What happens if it falls apart or something once I get in."
Rebecca was a freshmen in college on the school's volleyball team, a very pretty 5-8 brunette with brown eyes.
"Quit making excuses," Katie taunted, "If you don't do it, I'll make sure you never get to be a starter."
Katie was a junior and was also on the team.  She was about two inches taller than Rebecca, had dirty-blonde hair and blue-green eyes.
Rebecca sighed, "Fine.  But you're coming with me."
"What?  Why should I?!" A frightened tone entered Katie's voice.
"Two reasons," began Rebecca, knowing she had struck a nerve, "One, I don't want you claiming that you don't believe me, and two, I'm not doing it and letting you stand and watch.  If I go, then so do you."
"Ummm," Katie swallowed, "Alright, fine, I'll go, just so I can watch you run away crying."
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 73 3
My pet snake by jaserzhang
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My pet snake :iconjaserzhang:jaserzhang 67 11
Gilding the Lilly 04 by cmqqmc
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Gilding the Lilly 04 :iconcmqqmc:cmqqmc 189 50
Kitty Pryde Cat TF part 4 by EduartBoudewijn Kitty Pryde Cat TF part 4 :iconeduartboudewijn:EduartBoudewijn 75 8 Zebra TF 5 [Commission] by Narubi2 Zebra TF 5 [Commission] :iconnarubi2:Narubi2 70 1



With the fifth installment to Transformers movie coming very soon, and another three after this leaving me with very bad taste in my mouth for i know the new one is going to suck.

Say what you will of the first one, it was silly and stupid but it was enjoyable.
the second one was more stupid with lazy jokes but there was something there.
the third, I don't think they even had a story line more like they just pulled the same scenarios out of a hat and wrote a story around it.
And let's not forget about the fourth... but they still made money!

A series that has gotten worse and worse is still making money how is that possible? And i have had enough, i am done with the stupid action i can't even see, the forceful jokes, the same story line over and over and OVER...

It just the same crap over and over again, the same boring human characters, the same boring Macuffin, the same stereotype/racist/sexists stuff, the same boring bad guys, and the same product placements EVERYWHERE! Just wrapped in a different wrapping and presented to you like its a new thing.

here's a little drinking game for ya, watch the first one, and write down every trope, cliche, story thread in it then watch the second, third and fourth and take a drink when it comes up, you will be gone by the second film.

Bay once said that it doesn't matter if you hate it you will still see it, you know what... No! I am not going to see it, in fact i am spreading the word to all those that will listen just don't see this movie, let it die, let it bomb hell even the Nostalgia Critic did a prediction of what is going to be, you know what i totally agree with him, maybe he's wrong here and there but he going to be close to that bullseye.

And who's knows maybe in some form of a miracle... maybe bay found a genie or something, the movie is good I know for one am not going to take that bullet to find out, and i pray that you you'll do the same...


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