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July 20, 2012
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Beating the summer's heat
By The Shadow Demon
(Women into mermaid)

"God I hate this weather!" Heather moans whipping away the sweat from her brow as the air conditioner in the apartment was broken causing her and her room mate and best friend Samantha to feel the heat.
"Hate the landlord for not fixing the air conditioner!" Samantha said using her hand as a fan to cool herself down as she sits next to her friend.
"When did he say he'll get around to it again?" Heather asks.
"About two weeks ago!" Samantha moans.
"God, there's got to be something to beat this heat!" Heather explains standing up whipping off the sweat off her face.
"We got no air con, we're roaming around with just a bra and undies and unless you want to attempt to jump into the fridge's freezer we got nothing else!" Samantha explains.
"Well I wish we could just beat this heat!" Heather growls.
"Yeah well if wishers were horses…" Samantha began to say before a knock on their door cause the two to turn it.
"Just a minute!" Heather calls out, turning back to Samantha who was already half way to her bed room, Heather quickly making to her own bedroom, quickly put on a singlet and pants, ran back out and opened the door. Finding no one there, Heather looked outside to see no one, finding this a little bit odd, Heather looks down to see a box with her and Samantha's name on it. Picking the box up, Heather returned backside as she closes the door behind her.
"What is that?" Samantha asks returning from her bedroom with a shirt and pants on.
"It's a box you moron!" Heather said placing the box on a foot rest.
"Yes thanks for that, but what's inside it?" Samantha asks.
"I don't know but it was addressed to us!" Heather explains, opening the box up, the two peeked in to find a small statue of a mermaid sitting on a rock inside.
"It's a statue!" Samantha said making Heather slowly turn to her.
"Yes, thank you Captain Obvious I can see that!" Heather said turning back to the statue and slowly taking it out of the box and putting on the coffee table.
"Why was a statue of a mermaid sent to us?" Samantha asks.
"How would I know?" Heather asks in return as the statue began to glow in a low dimmed light, the two girls stared in shock, unsure on what to do or say as the statue's glow became brighter and brighter and brighter it exploded in a powerful blast of light causing the two to blackout.

"Heather… Heather… Heather, HEATHER WAKE UP!"
"What… what…" Heather said shooting up to sitting position on to gasps to where she found herself. Right in front of her was the ocean as she and Samantha was sitting on a beach.
"How did we get here?" Heather asks turning to Samantha and once again got a shock, Samantha's shoulder length blonde hair was now pink, heather also noticed that Samantha's breasts had grown in size and rounder.
"Sam… what happened to you?" Heather asks.
"The same thing that happened to you!" Samantha said, Heather quickly reached up and pulls some of her long brown hair in front of her to see it that it had changed to a violet colour, looking down, Heather instantly notice that her breasts too had grown in size and were rounder.
"What the hell happened to us?" Heather asks standing up to get better idea on where the two were, "and where the hell are we?"
"We're on some kind of island, I awoke on the other side about half an hour ago, I was looking for anyone but all I found was you so far!" Samantha explains.
"Well there's got to be someone on this rock besides us!" Heather explains.
"Aren't you a little worried about what happened to us?" Samantha asks.
"Yes I am, I'm just more worried on how the hell we are going to get off this island!" Heather said, "We'll worry about what happened to us after we get off this island!"
"And do you suggest we do that?" Samantha asks "swim?"
"If you want to!" Heather said, "Personally I'm going to check out this island!"
"Trust me, there's no one here besides us!" Samantha said, Heather just ignored her as she made her way further from her friend. After walking for roughly twenty minutes Heather's legs were starting to feel sore as if she was walking for hours.
"Man, what's with my legs?" Heathers asks herself.
"HEATHER!!!" Samantha screams echo through the air causing Heather to turn towards the scream, forgetting all about her legs, Heather ran as fast as she could to get back to Samantha. Catching sight of her friend, Heather ran even harder.
"Heather… I…" Samantha calls out with tears running down her face as Heather stops only couple feet away from Samantha and what she saw made her gasps, bursting through Samantha's pants was a two foot long pink scaled tail with a fish tail fin at the end.
"S…Sam… you have a tail!" Heather said in shock as the tail was still growing in length and in size.
"What's happening to me?" Samantha sobs as Heather's legs grabbed her attention.
"My… MY LEGS… IT FEELS LIKE THEY'RE ON FIRE!" Heather cries out falling forward as her legs just went jelly on her, feeling her pants being pushed down, Heather turns to see that her pants and undies were being pushed down by her legs as they were fusing together into one solid mass.
"MY LEGS MY LEGS… WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MY LEGS?" Heather screams as Samantha's tail now as long as her own legs and as thick as both of them combined, then in a strange turn of events Samantha's legs began to shrink and change while her tail continued to grow even longer. With Heather's pants and undies completely off, her legs and feet were now had fuse completely together, Heather only could but watch a violet scales start to appear over it as a fish tail fin start to grow at the end of her new tail.
"Sam, what's happening to us?" Heather asks catches of her breasts growing slightly larger pushing against her bra as they did.
"I... think… I think we are turning into… mermaid!" Samantha said as the exact as thing that was happening to Heather's breasts was happening to her. Reaching down and tearing away her pants and undies off with one pull, Samantha could see that her legs were no more but two two-foot long pectoral fins, looking back as Heather to find that she was no growing a dorsal fin from just above were her ass would have been all the way down her fishy tail.
"How… how is this possible?" Heather asks pushing herself up with her webs hands, Samantha paused for a while before answering.
"That statue, it must have been the statue!" Samantha explains.
"Think about, all of this, all of it happened right after we received that statue!" Samantha explains, Heather just looked at her knowing that she was right, with a sigh Heather turns to her newly formed body.
"So what do we do know?" Heather asks.
"I guess we go for a swim!" Samantha said with a slight smile.
I have no idea how long I've done a mermaid TF but i felt like doing one none the less :D
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OrcaKing Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
well i was thinking that perhaps a man and woman are on the shore, and they are both ambushed by pirates or something and the man is nearly killed but the woman trys to make a deal and offers herself to the main bad guy physically, the bad guy is intrigued and will only accept if she becomes his mermaid lover 
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
urgh.. pirates? i'm too sure of this! it a good idea, just doesn't feel like my cup of tea
OrcaKing Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
well it could be something else other than pirates haha
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
OrcaKing Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
haha thoughts? maybe my original character the Sharkainian lord which is a giant shark creature or something else below the waves
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
i don't know
OrcaKing Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
haha i take it thats a no to the request
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
yeah that's a no, it just doesn't grab my attention, sorry!
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OrcaKing Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
i got an idea for one if u want to do another :)

The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
not really but let's hear it anyways
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