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Chapter one: Catherine’s mistake
By the shadow demon
(Woman-Anthro domestic cat)

Catherine loved bargain shopping especially when it comes to jewellery. Catherine was seventeen, quite popular at school, good figure and long straight brown hair and blue eyes to die for.
After another day of buying of price cut down jewellery, she was about to go home when she spotted a shop with a sign marked ‘cheap jewellery inside’.
Thinking that it sounded good, she approached the shop.
Opening the door, Catherine couldn’t hardly believe of how much jewellery they was, all from key chains to a little chain piece.
As she look around she heard the sweetest voice ever, “May I help you dearie?” Catherine turn to see an old lady standing behind the counter.
“Uh, no thanks just browsing” Catherine answers back in a polite way; soon she came across hundred of necklaces, each one more beautiful then the other.
But one got her eye, it was a long silver chain with a cat’s eye attach to it. Instantly she fell in love with it.
Walking up to the contour, she place the necklace on the contour when she notice the exact necklace in the display box, but the price was triple then she was about to purchase.
“Why is that necklace expensive then this one? They’re the same type?” Catherine pointed out.
The old woman grin as she walk other to the necklace, “Don’t let appearance fool you me dear, they are alike but your’s but not”
Placing the necklace next to the other, the old lady continues “You can’t barely tell them apart, but your is a copy of this one”
“So mines fake?” Catharine said
“All cheap jewellery is, honey?”  The old lady smiles “I’ll get you a box for your necklace, I’ll be back.
Catherine stood their heart broken “I can’t believe it, all the cheap ones are fakes” She thought to herself “Well I’m going to show them all” Looking to make sure the old woman wasn’t watching she switch the fake necklace with the real one.
As she did it, the old lady walk back with a small box for the necklace she switch, the old lady didn’t notice the change as she place the fake one back on the display shelf.
“That’s two dollars thanks” The old lady smiles as Catherine past her the cash over “Have a nice day,” the old lady snickers as Catherine walks out of the store, felling a bit guilty but she felt a sly of doing it.
“How easy was that?” Catherine said to her self underneath her own breath “She didn’t notice the old lady” Turning back to the store, Catherine grew a big smile on her face as she made her way towards her house knowing that justice was made.

Entering her front door, Catherine called out to get no reply. Her house was quite big for a double story house. Calling out again to get the same result before, Catherine shrugged her shoulder as she walks up the stairs to her room.
Catherine room was really huge, with a walk-in closet and a private bathroom. Unlike her annoying twelve year old sister Kelly, who only had a walk-in closet, but her parents promise her she’ll get her own bathroom when she turns fifteen.
Walking up to her body length mirror, Catherine pulls out her necklace, the metal shine in the light, finding the clip she un hook it and slip on to her neck and hook back on.
She stared at her reflection of how the necklace just looks perfect with her body.
“This looks so cool” Catherine snickers as she turns to her other cheap jewellery “Well now I can sell these since they’re all fake!”
For some strange reason Catherine felt really tied as she yawned “Oh god, that’s weird” she said while yawning, “I think I’ll take a nap”
As the moment her head hit the pillow she fell asleep.
Catherine awoke to a strange smell, she sniff the air she couldn’t identify it, as the smell real stench to it. Turning her light, she turn in as he smell was coming from her waist. As Catherine lean closer the smell got stronger, slowly she unzipped her jean, and begins to pull them down. Catherine covers her nose as the stanch become to unbearable, She notice that her pink underwear was completely soak in her own humanity fluids.
“Oh that’s just great!” Catherine groans as she slips of her soaked panties off. She walks over to her bathroom and threw the underwear into her dirty cloths bin.
Relieving her arm from her nose, she turns down to find her vagina was completely wet, soaked.
“That’s just great!” Catherine thought as walk over to her own toilet to grab some toilet paper, as she did she walks past her mirror then paused.
Catherine slowly turns to see her nose look different her nostrils were more silted, her nose was a slightly a pink colour as a tiny pink line travel down to her top lip.
“It’s late Catherine,” She told herself “Just clean your self up and go back to bed” walking away from the mirror she grabbed the toilet paper and pull it down until she had enough to clean herself up.
After cleaning her own fluids, she throws the paper towel into her toilet. With a yawn, she walk back to her bed to fall back to sleep instantly.

When Catherine awoke she turns to her clock that read 8:15 AM.
“Holy shit I’m late for school” Se cries out as she pull of her blankets, rushing into her walk-in closet about a half an hour she had change into her school clothes, her school clothes were a red vest with a maroon shirt underneath it with a black skirt and sandals.
Catherine quickly rushes out of her bedroom, down the stair and out the door before her parents could even say ‘morning’!

When Catherine got to her school the bell just rang, letting every student there that school has started.
Walking down the ever so busy corridor, Catherine finally made it to her locker entering her lock numbers in. she clicked it open.
The first thing she saw was her books sitting and ready for the first class grabbing her books she paused as the mirror behind her revealed her reflection.
Her nose had became more pinker then last night, as if she had cold or something, her nose look quite odd as it look not human anymore.
Suddenly she heard voices behind her, quickly she turn around to see her friends standing behind her.
“Hey, Cat… wow I like your necklace!” Explains on of her friends.
“Oh thanks… you scare me just then” Catherine said as she took a sigh of relief.
You know me, I scare myself… um what’s with your nose you got a cold or something?”
“Uh yeah, but don’t worry I’m no contagiosus” Catherine agreed with her as they walk towards the first class, unknown to Catherine the worst start of her life…

To be continued…
here's a old series that i found, i've kind of wrote this when i was young and bit stupid. enjoy! the second chapter is coming soon!
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Ultranova53 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
this line She notice that her pink underwear was completely soak in her own humanity fluids. almost made me throw up
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007
well it gets better in chapter two!!! I'm working it on it while working on other work
inukaglove Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2007
This sounds good. I love it. Keep up the good work.
Guilrel Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2007
Sounds a pretty good start of tf sequence. :nod:
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