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Chapter two: An extra size
By the shadow demon
(Woman-Anthro domestic cat)

There’s nothing more that Catherine hated then history, and with Mr. Holt it wasn’t better. Mr. Holt could bore you so bad that you prefer watching grass grow or paint dry then to here his voice.
Scratching her noise, Catherine paused, as it felt weird against her skin, her nose felt rough like leather then skin, thinking nothing of it, Catherine went back to her boredom.
Catherine was about to fall asleep but a sharp pain made wake up, for some reason her breasts felt really tight against her bra. Looking down Catherine could scare that breasts had grown since she left home and growing in front of her eyes.
“What is going on?” She thought as she watch in horror, as her bra digs in her back.
With a smothered snap, her bra strap broke by the strain. Catherine sat there in complete horror, as he breasts grow larger and very noticeable in her school clothes.
As she about to raise her hand to excuse herself from the class, she notices her fingernails had grown longer and more pointed.
In complete fear, Catherine launch out of her seat, out of the classroom, down the hall and straight into the girls toilets.
Getting into the first cubical and lock behind her, Catherine slowly took her vest and the shirt as she did her bra fell to the ground leaving her breast free in the cold air.
Catherine stared in shock of how her use to be good size breast became a perfect size D.
“What’s happening to me?” She asks in a whisper as she turns back to her nail that remind her claws then anything else.
“I can’t go out like this, everyone will notice” She said to herself, “I got to hide here”
The entire day went slow, as Catherine sat in her cubical keeping herself calm, soon enough everyone was gone, slowly she put her shirt back on and her vest that was kind of tight against her breasts. Walking out of her cubical she walks towards the exit before spotting her reflection.
Her nose had change completely, it had became bright pink with a line that has fused with her top lip, she open her mouth to see her canine teeth had grown a bit longer and sharper and so had more of her teeth.
Turning back to her nose, it reminds her of a cat’s nose. Instantly she shook the idea out of her head. “Don’t be stupid Catherine, people can’t transform into animals it’s impossible,” she said out loud as she removed herself from her reflection.
Look out the hall Catherine could see not a single soul to be seen, quickly Catherine rush down the hallway hoping not to be notice be the janitor.
It took her about a half and hour longer by stopping and hiding but eventually she made to her house.
Closing her door behind her, Catherine took a sigh of relief as made it home without anyone at school seeing her. Catherine turn to see note marked ‘Catherine, I’ve gone out to a conference won’t be back in couple days, I’ve also taken your sister too, sorry hon XOXO Mum & Dad’
“That’s just great,” Catherine mumbles as she quickly jolted up the stairs to her room.
As she entered she toss her vest aside reliving her enlarge breasts.
She then took her shirt off, and then turns to her reflection again.
Catherine’s mouth dropped open wide, as her own reflection told her ‘it wasn’t all over’.
Her ears had became pointed, her nose completely looked like cat’s nose, a small line of light brown hair had grown form her bellybutton down, she also notice that her eyes had change too emerald green.
Tear swelled as slowly lowed her skirt to reveal her pubic hair had change to a lighter colour light the hair that grew down from her bellybutton and join her public era.
“What’s happening to me?” She asks her self as tear runs down her face as she knew that whatever was going on wasn’t finish with her, not by a long short.

To be continued…
here's chapter two, Enjoy
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inukaglove Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
Nicely done. She's turning into a cat ever so slowly. I love it. Keep up the good work.
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
thanks mate! that's how i wanted.
tell you're friends... The shadow demon is back!
inukaglove Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
What can I say, I love transformation pictures and stories and you're doing a very good job with it.
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2007
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