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Challenge #31
By The Shadow Demon
Sent in by Akira500
(Woman into dog)

Challenge: Beast Boy casts a spell from Raven's book of spells that turns her into a black hound.
Rules: keep to the storyline.

Note: these characters are base on the DC comic characters and TV series 'Teen Titans' for this I hold no copyrights and will remove it on request of the rightful owners.

Raven sat on the massive couch reading through her spell book to study up on her craft as she usually did as the Teen Titans were having on of there lazy days as crime was extremely quite for today. While everyone else was doing their own things, Beast Boy was unbelievably bored and decides peek over Raven's shoulder to see what she was doing. Raven just sighs as she slowly turns around to Beast Boy.
"What'ya doing?" Beast Boy asks.
Raven just said nothing as she just moved away from him, Beast Boy just slowly sits next to her and turns to her.
"Want to play Final Strike?" Beast Boy asks pulling out the game holder as a massive smile appears on his face.
"No" Raven moans.
"How about cards, I've been trying this new-"
"No" Raven said.
"You're no fun!" Beast Boy moans as he gets up and walks away in a huff.
"Hey Raven I need your assistance" Robin called out making Raven putting her book to the side as she got up and walks away to help robin. Slowly Beast Boy pops his head up and grabs Raven's book with a smile of mischief on his face, Beast Boy flicks through a pages find all kinds of spells, potions and seals of all kinds.
"There's got to be something here to get Raven to lighten up!" Beast Boy said stopping on one page "this one looks like a good one… uh… hmm… uh, Dializa canish transfumlazion kolilo" suddenly a deem light glowed from the book making Beast Boy throwing the book away as he just ran as the light as meanwhile Raven was just finishing her choir with Robin.
"Thanks for that Raven" Robin said with a smile.
"Sure what ever" Raven said as out of nowhere she bent down and scratched her ears… with her foot. Robin just stared at this as Raven stood back up and just walked off as if nothing happened.
"What just happened?" Robin asks himself following Raven to the kitchen where Cyborg was cooking up something, Raven took a huge breath and began to pant by the smell.
"Ooh that smells good!" Raven explains.
"Why thank Rav, it's" Cyborg stopped as he turns around and just see Raven panting like crazy but in a sitting begging position like any dog would do. "Um… Raven, you feeling okay?"
"Yeah, why?" Raven asks as Cyborg notice her nose turning pure black.
"Uh, um okay!" Cyborg said noticing Robin entering into the kitchen, quickly Cyborg rushes up to Robin.
"Robin, is just me or is Raven acting strange," Cyborg said as he slowly turns to Raven to see her still sitting on all fours then back to Robin "Well stranger?"
"Yeah I did notice, what do you think is going on?" Robin asks
"I thought you would now?" Cybrog explains.
"Hey guys," Raven calls making the two turn to see her walking all fours with a black growing out of her backside. "Do we have a nice juicy steak around here, I can go for a nice juicy steak!"
"Raven, are you feeling alright?" Robin asks as his and Cyborg's eyes widen to see her ears suddenly grew longer and pointed moving to the top of her head.
"Yeah, why?" Raven asks looking at the two guys with her head slightly tilted.
"Raven, you're… you're turning into a dog!" Robin told her.
"Woof?" Raven asks then yelped to the sound of a bark coming out of her mouth as she quickly ran on all fours to anything that could show her reflection, quickly finding one, Raven let out a howl to what she saw. She was standing on all fours her clothes completely loose on her with her short black hair almost fuse with her black hair making it near impossible to tell the difference, her face was now just pushing out into canine muzzle as she open her mouth to see her teeth becoming more canine while her entire body was that of a dog, Raven had just turned into a black hound. Raven let out a sadden howl as Robin and Cyborg slowly walk up to her to see the sadness in her eyes as they could tell she may be a dog but she was still Raven in spirit.
"How, how did this happen?" Cyborg asks as Robin notices Raven's book on the ground.
"I'll give you a guess and it start with Beast Boy" Robin said. Hours past and Beast Boy having turned himself into a mouse was finally caught by Raven and as he explained what he did making Raven growl at him in anger.
"You have any idea you have done?" Robin asks
"I'm sorry okay!" Beast Boy said as he felt bad of turning Raven into a dog even that she was very good looking dog in dog standards.
"I have good new friends," Starfire said cheerfully "To these words, the 'spell' will change back"
"Thank goodness for that!" Robin said with a sigh as he turns back to Beast Boy "You are going to help Raven get use to being a dog until the spell wares off!"
"Sure I can do that!" Beast Boy said instantly turning into a dog and began to show Raven around as Raven at first wasn't not too keen for Beast Boy to be her guide on how her new body worked but it was better then nothing as the two left the group to do doggy stuff.

Epilogue: Usually it would take a spell to wear off in a week or two but since Beast Boy mispronounce the wording in the spell, it last for three months and during those three months Raven got use to her new found body, found being a dog wasn't half bad and even found some not much but some enjoyment of being one while Beast Boy kept to his word and stayed in a dog form too until Raven return back to normal.
challenge sent in by :iconakira500:

Challenge: Beast Boy casts a spell from Ravenís book of spells that turns her into a black hound.
Rules: keep to the storyline

it's a quick TF so do forgive me on that part :)
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A10Jockey Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Beast Boy kept his word :O major shocker.
jakman129 Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
nice story.
Akira500 Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, sorry it took so long for me to get to ya. ^^;

This was a lot of fun to read, really cool tf story! =D Thanks again for taking this one up, mate. :thumbsup:
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
no worries
Akira500 Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You did a nice job with it, nice bit with BB taking on his canine form until Raven returned to her old self. Perfect touch ;)
daynar Featured By Owner May 15, 2011
Cool tf story with the Titans.
chancedaman333 Featured By Owner May 14, 2011
the dialogue could be better but good
Signam1134 Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
best cartoon network show ever. nice to see you write a tf about it bud
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
thanks :)
Jason2017 Featured By Owner May 12, 2011  Student Artist
Nice TF Story you created shadow demon
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