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August 26, 2008
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Contractor – New U: X-over
By the shadow demon
(Woman into anthro cat)

Amy couldn’t believe her luck, only an hour until Zack’s big Halloween costume party and she can’t find her costume. At seventeen years of age with long brown hair, hazel eyes, fine skin and a body figure that no one could ignore. To everyone at Amy’s school, Zack Daniels’ parties were legendary and she could easily blow her first and only chance to even go. Looking around her bedroom, to find that it looked like a tornado came through, Amy sat down on her bed letting out a sigh.
“Man my only chance to go to Zack’s party, I’m stuck here with no costume and I can’t really go just like this,” Amy marking her rad tank-top and black dress, “what would I give to go to that party?”
“What could you give anyway?” A male voice answered, Amy turned around and nearly jumped to the other side of her room. There lying down on the same bed she was on only moments ago was a man in his mid thirties with short spiky brown hair, wearing basic cloths if he just went for a walk down the street.
“How did you get in here… who are you?” Amy asked, feeling her heart pumping hard against her chest. Without any warning, he threw something at her, hitting her in her forehead and then landing right into her hands, Amy could see that it was a somewhat business card.
“Contractor; desire granter with a single sign of a pen” Amy read out loud while rubbing her forehead. “You’re name is Contractor?”
“What do you prefer… Rich?” Contractor asks as he flicks through Amy’s journal that she kept underneath her pillow.
“Hey do you mind, that’s personal!” Amy shouts, pointing at her journal.
“If I did mind, do you think I would be reading this?” Contractor grins “And who is this Zack guy, do you have a crush on him?” Before he could go any further in the journal, Amy got enough courage to snatch the book off him and slowly walk back with it close to her chest.
“That’s none of your business!” Amy told him with a slight pissed off tone on her voice.
“You did read my card, it’s my job to know, it’s my… reason to know… isn’t that right pen?” Contractor said pulling out a pen out of no where, it was basic click-on pen with a smiley face ball on the top, but what was weird for Amy was that Contractor change his voice tone to a slight higher pitch weird voice as if the pen was talking, “Oh yes Contractor, it’s our job to know!”
“Okay, I’ve seen some crazy shit in my life… but that is plan on creepy” Amy said giving Contractor an odd look.
Contractor just smiled, “So, to business you want a costume?” he asks in his original tone and voice “I can give you that, you just have to sign” suddenly a white piece of paper with writing on it appeared in Contractor’s free hand.
“How, how did you did that?” Amy asks, slowly taking a step back.
“Magic” Contractor smiles, almost sounding pleased with his answer.
“Magic?” Amy asks
“How did you think I got in your room in the first place?” Contractor asks, pointing out a good point since the only in and out of her room was her door, her room was on the second floor on her house and way for anyone to get through the window as it was locked from the inside.
“Good point, so what’s the catch… I mean I got to give you something In return” Amy said as she was unsure to sign anything right now.
“Why dose everyone always ask me that? No, there is no catches, no payments… nothing… just the you and your signature” Contractor replied getting a bit defensive
“Sorry” Amy said softly “I would like to know what type of costume that you give me anyway?”
“A type of costume that is so real, so realistic… they will say ‘you’re not even wearing one’!” Contractor answered “So can you sign to that!”
“Oh I can sign to that!” Amy smiled, she knew this was too good of an opportunity to past, without even thinking, Amy grabbed a pen off her bedside dresser and signed the contract.
“What is my pen not good enough for you? Contractor asks, as Amy look at him his face was shock, surprised and hurt.
“Sorry, habit” Amy smiles, “So where my awesome costume?”
“Here” Contractor in a grumpy tone, falling right in front of her and landing right her feet were a pair of cat ears on a headband, that cat ears were nothing but paper cut too look like cat ears.
“What is this?  Is this because I didn’t sign with your stupid pen?” Amy asks picking up the cat ears.
“Looks can be deceiving and it’s not stupid, it’s a smiley you can’t hate the smiley!” Contractor answered, “Trust me when you go to that party and puts that on your head, everyone will believe they are as real as if they were your own ears… now if you don’t mind I got other costumers to see, another contract to sign… bye” with that Contractor vanished in thin air, Amy look down at the only costume she had, looking at the time she realised that the party had started a half an hour ago. Quickly running out of her room and out of the front door, she made up time quickly as Zack’s house was only couple street blocks away from her house. Reaching Zack’s house, Amy stood in front for a moment watching the party in full swing with everyone with great costumes on. Looking back down to the cat ears headband and gave a sigh as she put them on, coving her long hair over her own ears giving the illusion as if the fake were indeed hers.
“Here goes nothing” Amy whispered underneath her breath, upon making her way to the front door of Zack’s house Amy’s ears began to slight burn, ignoring it as she was too distracted by the party, her ears grew upwards growing furry, larger and pointed pushing the fake cat ears of her head in the process. As Amy reached the front door her ears had fully became real cat ears sticking out of her thick brown hair. Knocking on the door, it took a while before someone open the door, Amy look on to a pirate that was Sara Porter, One of Amy’s good friends and had been to Zack’s parties twice, making this one her third time.
“Hey girl, you made it” Sara said noticing Amy’s cat ears “I love the cat ears, very realistic!” Amy couldn’t believe it, the ears had worked, her best friend believed that they were ‘real’ cat ears.
“Thanks” Amy smiled, letting herself in Amy could see all types of costumes from fairy costume to football costumes.
“Wow, this is unbelievable” Amy said as she was overwhelmed by her surrounding she didn’t realised her tail bone had grown outwards from her backside and snake its way over her underwear and grow into a three-foot long brown-fur cat’s tail that gently swing side to side behind her underneath her long dress.
“Oh you have no idea” Sara smiled as the two walk away from the front door, Amy’s tail made its first appearance as it slightly was visible at the bottom at her dress.
“Well you did show after all” called out Hannah Williams, the most popular girl at school and the bitchiest out of the girls “That’s a real weak costume, where did you get it? The garbage tip?”
“And that princess costume is really original?” Sara pointing out Hannah’s costume “At least Amy’s costume looks even real, that’s doesn’t even look like real silk and Amy’s fake cat whiskers look more real then that piece of crap.
“Cat whiskers?” Amy thought, looking down to her cheeks Amy nearly screamed to see that she had thick white cat whiskers coming out near her top, just like cat’s does. “Uh where’s the bathroom?” Amy asks, being pointed to the way of the bathroom, Amy quickly made her way towards the bathroom. Upon reaching, Amy quickly closed and locked the door behind her, quickly rushing toward the bathroom mirror Amy’s heart almost skipped a beat to the sight of her reflection. There looking back at her was a humanoid cat, completely covered in brown fur, Amy could still tell some parts of her was still there such as her hair what was quite difficult to see where it began and her new fur stopped, her nose and upper lip had fused together exactly like a cat’s face. To Amy surprise her good double C cup breasts looked fuller and larger similar to those of a D cup and finally Amy realised her tail behind me.
“What has happened to me?” Amy cried out noticing that she was still going under more changes.
“Exactly what I described!” a similar voice answer her question, Amy turned around to see Contractor standing there with the biggest grin on his face as watch as Amy was developing another two sets of breast below her original ones making the total six breasts, the second set growing into a C cup size and easily seen through her tank top with some of it just visible at the bottom of her tank top while her third set grew into a double B cup and rested on top her dress line.
“You… you did this to me!” Amy growls, her ears flicked backwards like a normal cat could if it was scarred or pissed off.
“No, you did to yourself… you should real take people more literally and should really read stuff before you sign them” Contractor smiled
“I don’t merr care… you will turn.. meow back” Amy cried out catching herself meowing.
“I’m sorry ‘turn meow back’?” Contractor asks
“Turn… meow baow neow… meow… meow” Amy hold her ‘paws’ in front of her mouth as she couldn’t speck no longer and could make noise of a real life cat.
“Hmm… well I guess be going now” With that Contractor disappeared leaving Amy turn back to the mirror watch her human brown eyes become green and slitted.
“This is not happening… this is not happening” she thought in her mind over and over, hoping for this to be a nightmare but each time she closed her and reopen then she got the same reflection. Meanwhile, in another town far from where Amy was, in her office, sat Evelyn Form the creator and owner of the costume shop called ‘New U’. Evelyn looked down to her portable oxygen tank, as her old age had finally caught up to her.
“Don’t you hate dose things?” A voice asks, Evelyn look back to Contractor standing across the room from her with his arms crossed.
“So, did it work?” Evelyn coughed placing her winkled hands in her lap.
“Indeed it worked, I have to say I had my doubts but your costumes really pulled it off!” Contractor smiles
“So we have deal?” Evelyn asks, Contractor smiles as contract appeared on Evelyn’s desk.
“You just have to sign” He answers lean over with his pen in hand and gave to Evelyn, Evelyn wasting no time signed the contract. Upon finishing her signing, Evelyn suddenly glowed in a bright yellow colour and when the glow faded away, the old woman that was once sat in the chair was now a hot thirty year old blonde.
“I’m… I’m young again” Evelyn cried out removing herself from the oxygen tank.
“As we agreed you have returned to your youth and time will not remove that away from you, in return you will continue turning people with your costume” Contractor told her grabbing his pen back in the process. “Now if you don’t mind I got to see another… client”
“Okay, but I got to ask you,” Evelyn asks upon moving to the front of her desk “What’s with the pen?”
The End?
The cross over that's gives New U a needing face lift and Contractor like we've never seen him before! enjoy :)
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Ztarwarz Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
Good thing I always read contracts before signing!
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The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2010
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And why is the tail always three feet?
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