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January 2, 2009
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Freak’s revenge: Origins
By The Shadow Demon
(Woman into dog)

Josie Summers sat against the large oak tree that grew in front of Hollow’s Creek High, the very school that she had dreaded since coming to it. All the kids just seem to just hate her, Calling her names, putting signs on her back, treating her like she was nothing but dirt in their shoes, All except one, Phoebe her only friend at the school in fact in her whole life that was always their for her, that treated her like person and defended her when things got bad, a true friend to Josie. Josie turns to her hand as she held a pair of BFF necklaces that she brought that day and was going to surprise Phoebe but yet she still haven’t seen come out of the school.
“What is taking her?” Josie asks herself as she looks down to her watch to see that it was 5:30; she had been sitting for two whole hours. Fed up of waiting and since her parents hated her staying out after school but Josie seem to get away with it as her dad was always past out on the couch from drinking too much and her mother always gambling away their money at the casino. Deciding to see what was taking her so long Josie looked around the school to see that all the doors and windows were locked for the night; she started to hear Phoebe’s voice near the football field. As she saw sight of the Phoebe, Josie pauses to see that Phoebe was talking to Megan, Lilly, Rachel and Samantha, four of the most popular girls at school. Quickly hiding around of the corner, Josie watch as Phoebe was laughing with them almost like if they were all friends, Josie knew that Phoebe knew about how badly the girls teased her, calling her ‘Freak’ all the time and yet there she was, Bonding with the four girls she hated so much. With a single tear running down her face, Josie ran from her hiding spot and straight out of the school and right towards her home. Making it inside, Josie rush into her room, slammed the door behind her and fell on to her bed sobbing loudly as she did. Josie cried for hours as she felt nothing but betrayal, slowly she raise her head to see the BFF necklaces still in her hand, suddenly her sadness turn to anger as she screamed in pure hatred as she through them to the farthest wall as strong as she could throw. The necklaces landed hard on the wall breaking on impact, Josie turn to her hand to see that were shacking by the anger that she was feeling. Slowly her hands turn to fist as she turned to her pillow and began to take her pain, all her sadness, all her anger into the pillow. After a full hour of beating her pillow, exhaustion crept in as she slowly relax but still felt the betrayal, Josie turn back to pile of the broken necklaces that lay motionless against her wall.
“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha” A cold chilling male voice echo through her room, Josie turn to see know around.
“Who’s there? Why do you moke me? WHY?” Josie cried out in anger as she now stood up as she continue to look for the source of the sinister laughter, suddenly she notice movement near her lamp Josie turn her direction to see the shadow of the lamp was moving, lifting upwards, growing into a ‘S’ shape. Josie eyes widen as a crocked tooth smile from at the tip of the shape with two devilish white eyes forming on top of it.
“Poor, poor Josie… all alone in this world… betrayed by the one you call BFF, Best Friends Forever? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”  The male voice said that came from the ‘S’ shape form creature.
“What are you?” Josie asks, walking far away from the creature. The creature only snickers as it slowly shrivel back down, back to the shadows that it came.
“I am your anger,” the creature’s voice called out “I am your frustration, I am your hatred, your redemption… I am The Shadow Demon but I prefer TSD, it’s sooooooo shorter”
“My redemption?” Josie asks
“Oh yes, I can taste the betrayal from your so called friend and I can taste how much you want to get back at her… and I can give you that, I can give you that, I can give you something that no other has… power! True limitless power!” TSD whispers as if he was right behind her, Josie turn to see her own shadow had formed into a full male body figure with TSD’s face. Slowly TSD lifted a large old-looking book and placed it in front of Josie’s face.
“This book is full of power that you never seen, use it how please,”  TSD said as her hands over to Josie, “And trust me… the taste will be sweat” Josie look back to TSD only to see that she was now looking at her own shadow and no long at TSD. Josie looked back down to the large book as she feel as strange but wonderful feeling coming from it, as slowly opens it and began to read.

Returning home to find that her parents weren’t home, Phoebe slowly walks around to find no one around.
“Mum, Dad” Phoebe calls out to hear no reply, suddenly she heard something move behind her, quickly turning around to see Josie standing there. “Oh Josie, Hi… you scared me!” Phoebe said in relief but to despite to see Josie and not a burglar, Josie looked different. Phoebe always seen Josie wear bright colourful clothing with her black hair pulled back but she was wearing a black torn singlet, with black jeans and her hair covering up most of her face. Phoebe began to feel uncomfortable as Josie just stood there not saying anything as her face was mostly covered Phoebe could feel Josie’s eyes staring right through her.
“Josie?” Phoebe asks sounding more worried as she notices a large book under neath one of Josie’s arms “are you okay? What’s with the hostility?”
“What’s with you?” Josie finally spoke, her voice full of pain and anger, Phoebe took a step back as begin to be scared. “You are such a good friend, you go behind my back and being buddies with bitch gang? What was the plan? You pretend to like me so you can find out all my secrets and used them against me?! Huh, was that it?”
“Josie, please hold on just a second” Phoebe pleaded
“SHUT UP” Josie yells as she grabs the book and opens it “You want to join the bitch gang? Then you are going to join! Eesta mor caninsh!”
“Josie listen to me, I was talking to them because-” Phoebe said but before she could even finish what she was saying, she felt quite weird as if something was wrong with her. Suddenly with out any notice her pants fell to ground, quickly Phoebe bent over to pick them up but as she a snap of fabric made her pause in her spot. Turning around, Phoebe nearly jumped out her skin to see a foot long tail growing out of her behind and still growing.
“What the hell is happening?” Phoebe asks as she watches as brown fur begin sprout over her new tail, and spreading quickly upwards. Now standing up, Phoebe could see the fur had now spread over her waist, now growing downward plus upwards to her stomach. Finding that her bra was becoming quite loose on her, she look to see that her clothing look huge on her.
“Wait, I’m shrinking… how am I shrinking? What’s happing to me?” Phoebe asks no in full sobbing mod, Phoebe spine cracked and pop making her fall to all-fours Phoebe turn to her hands legs to only see them become more canine like. Now three-quarters smaller then her original size, Phoebe look down to see that her hands were no more and that she was now staring at her new front legs and paws. With brown fur completely covering her entire body, Phoebe closes her eyes as her canine muzzle began to grow in. soon everything stop and Phoebe once again reopen hers to see two different things, one her eye sight had change from colour to black and white and second she could easily the black wet dog nose right in front her. As Phoebe lay down putting her canine front paw on her face in shame, Josie stood shocked and horrified to see that she had turned a human being into a common dog.
“I told you that the taste is sweet,” a familiar voice echo through the dark room, Josie turn her head to see TSD Standing in full view behind Phoebe, his shadow body form twisting and turning like she was staring at black fire. “And can it be more sweeter then this?”  TSD asks as he grabs Phoebe by the neck and lifted her to his face, Phoebe yelped in fear as she in was fully scared out of her skin.
“Please don’t hurt her” Josie said almost surprise to hear the words coming out her own mouth, TSD slowly turn to Josie his eyes staring down at her. “She… she did learnt her lesson!” A smile slowly crept on TSD face as he slowly place the dog back down to the ground, Phoebe now with her tail between her legs she slowly looked up to Josie almost pleading with her.
“Make her pay, make them all pay, all those who treated you bad, all those who believe they are better, all does that call you Freak… MAKE THEM ALL PAY” TSD Laughs as Josie grabs phoebe and drags her to back yard where Phoebe’s dog, Rex who waited for his new mate...
for a long time i wanted to write the origin story of Freak and who she was before the book, before she went into spiral of continuing revenge, i had the idea, how but i'll lacked one thing... the Scenario! Until one real good friend of mine just gave me the perfect one for the seires and instantly i just began writing. so enjoy and i hope you guys like it!
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GRANDMASTER909 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
can you make a story with me in it but make so i become the charater's appritence/boyfriend  i somehow have a thing for goth girls lol. btw my names dontai
StarfallVulpixGirl Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Love your stories! But maybe try some different tfs like zoo animal and ocean animal tfs!
thealrog6 Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
i was listening to diary of jane while reading this and the song and the story fit perfectly.for some weird reason......
LordKeksmann Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
you have made tfs with horses, cows, cats, pigs,... but can you make a tf story with bugs ord something???^^ Maybe a story with Freak who turns somebody into a spider???^^
( i like you storys!!!)
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
I'll see what i can do... but no promises!
LordKeksmann Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
i think if you will do it, it would be a good story^^( i have searched for such storys but i find nothing:-( )
TheDarkNeon Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
wait...oh man. I didn't...I must've missed the ending there...I didn't know that Josie/Freak was going to set Phoebe up with a mate...I..I swear, that passed my eyesight what? Have Phoebe be pregnant during the series out of the blue and make her give birth to puppies??
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010
Um... I don't know... Well what's done is done so i guess don't bother there's already bit of a conflict with them (sure it would make it interesting) but i don't think we need to throw that wrench in the mix!
TheDarkNeon Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe we'll just say that Josie regained another sense to not do that and left Phoebe out on her own, feeling that she already suffered enough?
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010
yeah something like that!
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