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By the shadow demon
(Woman into cow)

Janet was always a country girl, she was born in the country and raised in her family dairy farm. Now sixteen, Janet loved the farm life but nothing got close to feeding time to the calves.
Every morning and afternoon Janet would go into a barn where her mother held the baby calves, and Janet hand fed each and everyone. It took time but she didn’t care she loved doing it. Especially when she came to little Jack a very small calf for his age but never less he need to be fed. As the day turn to late arvo, Janet once again entered the barn. All the calves mooed like crazy wanting to be fed.
“I know, I know” Janet cries out as she brushes her shoulder length brown hair to the side as she fed each and ever one. Soon enough she came across Little Jack how seem more down then he was this morning. Janet felt so sad to see him like this, looking around to see no one around Janet opens Jack’s pen and slowly lure Jack out of his pen.
“It’s okay Jack,” Janet whispers as she pushes the teat of the bottle in front of his mouth “It’s only milk”
Without a second wasted Jack chomp right on the teat and began suckling, it was always a wrestle match with Jack as he really pulled on the teat.
“It’s a shame you never really know your mother, and this bottle is the only way you can get close to her… I just wish I could do more for you Jack” Janet whispers, suddenly Jack stopped and let go of the teat and just stares at Janet as if her knew what she just said.
Jack’s dark drown eyes stared into Janet’s, without warning Jack begin to rub his head on Janet’s crouch.
“Jack!” Janet cries out pushing head away “There’s no milk there”
Jack turned to Janet’s crouch, Janet’s did the same as she did her grin disappeared as her crouch bulge outwards.
“Oh my god what’s happening to me?” Janet cried as the bulging continues, pressing hard against her jeans her top button broke off as the pressure was too much. Janet watches in horror as her jeans zipper slowly zipped down as the bulging grew into some sort of a large sack forcing her jeans to let it form freely. Janet’s jeans fell to the ground as her panties began to strain, Janet let out a loud cry as her panties snapped and an udder flopped in front of her.
Janet couldn’t believe what she sees; she had grown an udder, a cow’s udder with four squared teats. Janet gave it a slight giggle to her milk slush around in it.
“Oh my god” Janet whispers as her shoes felt really tight against her feet. Kicking off one shoe at the time, Janet could see even with her socks on her feet didn’t look right. As she bend over she heard a loud snap making her land on her hands, as Janet turns around she found her buttocks had began larger as well her legs becoming more cow like.
“I’m turning into a cow, I fat dairy cow” Janet cried out as her socks tear off revealing her feet had formed into hooves. Janet could feel her vagina moving backwards for all to see. With her backside nearly a full cow, white fur begin to grow over legs with the random black patch. Her spine lengthens growing a cow’s tail out of her new-formed ass.
Janet felt a tug on one of teats, Janet looked underneath her to see Jack suckling on her teat, as he suckled the quicker she changed. Her body grew both in length and in mass.
“Jack stop, please stop jack” Janet cried but the little calf didn’t budge, As Janet could feel the pressure in her udder more and more subside the quicker her transformation took other as it reach her shoulders.
Janet sobs loudly as her breasts were devoured by her chest, destroying her bra and shirt at the same time her fingers fused together forming into her hooves. Her arms lengthen equalling out her legs.
“Stop, Jack stop” Janet cried out again and again and still no answer, Janet’s neck thicken as well lengthen. Janet watch in horror and in sheer freight as her nose darkened becoming wider and flatten, her ears grew longer and pointed out forming into cow’s ears. Sure enough her mouth and nose forming tighter, pushing out to form a snout her teeth became larger and flatten her tongue grew in length thicken out to fit her snout as this happened she cried out “Stop… heolp meeeeeooooo…. Moo… moo”
Janet stood their looking on the ground to see her human clothes, her human hair on the ground. She even found she could only move her neck side to side then up and down.
Janet’s mind raced with hundreds of questions with not one solution. She could stand there and let little Jack drink from her udder.
Janet heard someone coming, as she turn she found her dad coming into the barn.
“Dad, help me I’ve been turned into a cow” Janet tried to say but came out as a long “Moo”.
“How did you get in here?” Janet’s dad asks as her walks other with a cow prod and zaps her on her ass. Janet moved quickly as never felt some much pain in her life.
“Dad it’s me Janet, look at the ground it’s me!” Janet cried out but once again coming out as “Mooooo moo mooooooo”
“Come on you” He cried out as he pushes Jack back into her pen “How many times did I tell Janet to close the gate on the pen when she’s done”
“Dad, I’m here,” Janet cried out, again coming out “Mooooooo”
“May aren’t you a noisy one, and a young one at that” Janet’s dad said as he zaps her once again, Janet knew she had to move or she be zapped again.
Finding herself being locked into an open pen, Janet’s dad called on her mother how soon came out a minute later.
“Wow she a beauty” her mother said “she quite young, how old do you think she is?”
“Well I know she is old enough to produce milk so she most be ready to be mated with” her father said
“Mated?” Janet cried in her head.
“I don’t see a tag on her” Her mother explains
“I guess we missed it, I mean I found her feeding little jack. And there’s isn’t another farm for miles away so a guess this one bypass us” Her father said
“Well what are you going to do?” the mother asks
“Well tomorrow we’ll get Dexter and start her off” he said
“No, not Dexter” Janet cried out “Not our prized bull! Dad please it’s me Janet your only daughter, please don’t mate me with a bull please”
“My god she’s a noisy one” her mother said as the two walk off
“We'll she going to be a lot more nosier tomorrow that for sure”
The end????
A simple transformation you can say... just me piss farting around with ideas!
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MReneeA Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
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This is bullshit good sir!
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this is really good!
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
thanks :)
SKelly78 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
That was kinda cool. It'd be fun to see her change back after while. What a story she'd have to tell. lol
fullmoonbeast Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
nice storie , great details and a funny storie
eduardosunshine Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
I"d love to see "tomorrow"^^
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Brilliant story, very creative and fun.
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This was the first of your stories that I readed and this is my favorite :)
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love this story
Tay--Tay Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2008
I find it cool how she could just as well be fine in the morning.
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A bit bizarre...
But somewhat fun anyway.
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I think this is the best story you've done so far...Hehe, magical calf!
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Getting better. :nod:
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cool cow tf.
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