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Misadventures of Missi Grey pt2
By The Shadow Demon
(Woman into cat)

Nicole looks down at the package that her transforming friend Missi just gave her then back to Missi.
"Missi, just because I am Asian doesn't mean I can read this!" Nicole explains.
"You can't read it?" Missi said in panic.
"Missi relax, I'll go and get mum... she reads it" Nicole explains.
"Oh thank god!" Missi sighed in relief.
"Just stay here!" Nicole explains.
"What why?" Missi asks.
"My mum is allergic to cats," Nicole explains, "I don't think she will enjoy sneezing for the next two hours!"
"Uh... okay, but hurry I don't want to stay like this!" Missi explains.
"Okay...okay!" Nicole said rushes out to find her mother. Missi stood waiting at the front door feeling quite of anxious and embarrass as she couldn't help but to fiddle with her new sets of breasts, they felt exactly like her normal breasts but if just felt so weird to have then one pair.
"Hey Nicole, how many times did I tell you to close the..." Nicole's dad asks as walks up to the door them paused seeing Missi stand fiddling with second and third set of breasts. The two just stared blankly at each other as Missi quickly removes her hands away from her breasts.
"Uh hi Mister Brocks!" Missi said.
"Uh... does Nicole you're here?" Nicole's father asks.
"Yeah... she just went off for a second to do something for me!" Missi explains as she notices Nicole's father just staring at her.
"Interesting costume!" Nicole's father explains.
"It's a one of kind!" Missi said giving a nervous smile.
"Okay I got the... oh dad... I... we..." Nicole said rushing back and catching sight of her father and Missi, "He are just leaving!" grabbing Missi she pushed her out and closed the door behind her.
"Kids these days!" Nicole's dad said walking back into the living room.
"You're dad was perving on me!" Missi explains.
"Missi really, who wouldn't you got six breasts!" Nicole snaps back.
"Don't remind me!" Missi said covering up her shame.
"So do you want the translation or not?" Nicole asks.
"So you have the address?" Missi asks.
"Yeah, it came from here!" Nicole explains.
"Come again?" Missi asks.
"More precise, China town!" Nicole explains.
"China town?" Missi asks, "That's on the other side of the city, how the hell are we meant to get there?"
Nicole smiles as she brings up some car keys.
"Ever heard of transportation?" Nicole asks.
"What about your parents?" Missi asks.
"They always allow me to use the car in emergencies, I believe this class as an emergency don't you think?" Nicole explains, Missi didn't replay as the two got into the car and drove off.
"Okay if we keep to the less busy roads we should reach China town in maybe forty five minutes, let's just hope that that collar doesn't progress by time as well!" Nicole explains.
"You and me both!" Missi explains looking down at the collar, "Why did I even put this on in the first place?"
The two kept silent as they travelled, Missi praying for to return back to normal and Nicole praying she was going the right way as they were going to long way however were able to go faster because of the fewer lights or cars, but another reason was that it was less kept maintain meaning potholes. But after forty five minutes without hitting a single one, they made it to China town.
"Okay now all we have to do is to find this place and..." Nicole began to explain as her car hits a pot holes causing the car to bounce and the collar to jingle once again.
"Oh shi... I'm sorry!" Nicole explains as Missi grabs on to the bell attempting for it to not to make another noise.
"Nicole look at me, has anything changed?" Missi asks tears running down her face, Nicole turns to her friend looking all over her to see nothing has changed.
"Well?" Missi asks.
"I don't see anything!" Nicole asks.
"What, really?" Missi asks looking down at her self to see the same thing. "But it makes no sense every time it jingles it changes me even more!"
"Well I can't see anything!" Nicole explains, "So if you're right, it might be something that we can't see!"
"Maybe!" Missi said having no idea that something did change, her nails had grown longer and pointed a lot like claws. Driving down several streets, Nicole soon found the street she was looking for and found a car park. Parking the car Nicole was about to exit out the car when she stopped and turned to Missi who just sank into her seat.
"What's wrong?" Nicole asks
"I can't go out there, I'm a freak!" Missi explains.
"Missi two words... It's Halloween!" Nicole explains, "Look around you... there people here in their costumes already, you just one in the crowd!"
Missi just sighs as she makes her way out of Nicole's car, at first she was nervous but after a while seeing that no one was really paying attention as many just believed it was just another costume.
"See, you're just wearing another costume!" Nicole explains.
"Maybe to them, but I really want to be normal!" Missi explains.
"Well we are not far from where that collar was sent, all we have to do is just down two streets and we can remove it" Nicole said, Missi wasn't so confident as she knew that it would just take another jingle from the collar that could change everything. As calm as she could, Missi walked down the street, catching some glances from several guys Missi felt like she was walking with no clothes on as she could feel all of those eyes just looking at her and at nowhere else.
"Nicole, everyone is looking at me!" Missi whispers, Nicole took a quick look around to see that a lot of the guys were looking at her and even some talking to each other.
"Don't be ridiculous, just mostly the guys!" Nicole explains.
"Geez thanks, I feel so much better!" Missi mumbles, as the two make their way down the first street.
"Hate to sound ungrateful but... couldn't you parked a little bit closer?" Missi asks.
"Well sorry, but if you haven't notice but the street are pretty busy, be lucky that I even got a parking!" Nicole said.
"Okay, okay!" Missi said not noticing three guys making their way towards her
"Well hello there Hello Kitty!" one of the man said, causing Missi to freak out slightly.
"Uh... hi!" Missi said slowly turning to the three guys.
"We have to admit, that's is a very awesome costume," one of the men said his accent thicker then the last, "But don't you think it's a bit... showy?"
"Well what can you say," Nicole said, "She lost a bet!"
"Yeah I bet!" the third one said as out of nowhere slaps the bell on the collar causing it to jingle once again, the two girls stood in horror as Missi nose began to change, turning to more of a triangle shape and becoming pink, a faint line flowed down from the tip to her upper lip, seeming to join the two, next three strains of white whiskers pop out.
"See I told you I've seen that collar before!" the third guy said.
"What?" Missi asks.
"That collar is from the crazy old man Chong," The third explains as the other two guys grab Missi.
"Hey, what are you doing, let her go!" Nicole said but was knocked back by one of the guys.
"Nicole, HELP!"  Missi screams.
"If you know better, you will shut up!" one of the guys growls grabbing hold of the collar's bell.
"Hey!" Nicole cries out trying to help her friend but was knocked to the ground by one of the guys as Missi gets forced into a car with two of the guys.
"Don't bother calling the cops, no one will believe you nor will you ever find her!" one of the man said quickly into the car and driving off, Nicole quickly got up and ran after it but lost the car after the first turn.
"Damn it..." Nicole said knowing the only person that could help her and her friend was the guy who made the collar and Nicole had to find him and fast...
Part two and Missi finds her luck turn to the worse...

Part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]
ChevronTango Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow. I can't wait for the rest.
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