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Misadventures of Missi Grey pt3
By The Shadow Demon
(Woman into cat)

“Hello, hello!” Nicole cries out knocking rapidly on the door on where Missi got the collar from, hearing movement, Nicole kept on knowing until the door opened violently with an annoyed looked old man staring her.
“Can’t you tell we are closed?” the old man growls.
“My friend put on one of your collars on!” Nicole cries out, the man paused for a moment, looking at Nicole.
“Is she changing?” the old man asks.
“YES!” Nicole screams.
“I thought I fix that?” the man asks himself.
“But that’s not it, she got kidnapped by some guys that knew you and what you those collars were!” Nicole explains.
“That’s not good!” The man said.
“Can you help her, I fear the worse!” Nicole explains.
“And you’ll be right, I am the only one that can get her back to normal, and if they get their way, your friend will be trapped forever!” The man explains.

“Hurry up!” one of the man said forcing Missi to enter a rundown factory, Missi could feel the one of the guys was pushing her along but not really hard, if she truly wanted to she could easily break free and run for it but the cause the bell on her collar to jingle and start another set of transformations. Being forced to stand next a metal pile, the three men grab her arms and handcuffed her to it.
“Just encase if you feel like getting out of these while we are gone…” one the men said as he leans forward grabbing the bell making it jingle, Missi was horrified as feel as intense itchiness on her hands, turning down to her left hand she watch as it began to change. Her fingers began to grow rounder and shorter, fur began to sprout over it as her hand now resembled that of a cat’s paw. Turning to her right hand, she saw the same thing, making it impossible for to pick the lock even if she knew how to.
“Now be a good kitty cat and try not to eat all the rats…”One of the man laugh as the three walked away leaving Missi all alone, turning to her cuffed, Missi instantly began to pull her restrains but found she could budge from her position.
“Perfect, just perfect” Missi moans looking around her environment to find that her situation plus where she was, was beyond cheesy.
“All I need know is a giant Death ray…” Missi moans, “Why did I put this stupid collar on, wait a minute…” Missi was hit with an idea, she couldn’t escape because of two things, her hands were paws making it impossible to find any to pick the lock and that she couldn’t pull the handcuffs off, but maybe she didn’t need to, but instead just get smaller.
“Okay let’s see if this works…” Missi whispers slightly jumping up causing the bell to jingle, after the jingle Missi instantly regretted as she felt increasing pressure in her feet.
“No, no, no, no!” Missi cries out, but it was too late her shoes tore to her new feet now just like her hands, cat paws.
“I swear, if you don’t make me short I will so burn you in a fire!” Missi growls, jumping again and once again causing the bell to jingle, half expecting something else to happen, Missi was began to be relieved as she could feel her clothing becoming loose.
“Oh thank god, its working!” Missi cries out feeling the handcuff becoming less and less tighter on her hands, finding her entire world growing larger and larger which was kinda of freaking her out, probably not as much as the fur growing over her the rest of her body, with her paws slipping out of the handcuffs were now free.
“I can’t believe it, it worked!” Missi explains, finding herself still shrinking was now a quarter of her original size and still continuing to shrink.
“Uh okay… you can stop now!” Missi explains, holding on to her now giant top as her clothes lay around her in a giant heap.
“Stop… stop!” Missi cries out, hoping that it would stop soon, sure enough it began to slow down and then fully stopped, Missi looking around finding everything was huge to her.
Okay this is just creepy, how short am I?” Missi asks looking around to get a proper look, Missi soon found a broken window which for her at normal size was just a couple meters to her but now it look like it was miles. Dropping her top, Missi gently stepped over her clothes trying to not make the bell jingle again, making her way to the window, Missi was beginning to wonder if using the collar was such a good idea. Finally reaching the window, Missi was stunned to what she saw, if it was for her human hair and the fact she was standing up right she would of sware she was staring at an actual cat.
“Holly crap... I’m the exact hight as a normal cat… anymore changes and I’ll…” Missi paused in her sentence hearing footsteps coming towards her, Missi forgot everything else and just ran causing the bell to jingle once again. Missi just ran, thinking nothing else but escaping unknowing that her changes was progressing, running towards a chained fence, Missi caught a hole big enough for her to fit.
“Almost free, almost free…” Missi thought as something snagged her. Stopping, Missi heart began to race seeing a piece of the fence had hooked onto her collar.
‘Damn it’ Missi thought, pulling as hard as she could, the piece of the metal was stuck on her, closing her eyes, Missi began to dig in even harder then before and with a sudden jerk she was free once again. Running as fast she could, Missi turned down one corner then another and another and another until she could run anymore, coming a garbage bin, she hid behind it in order to hide and to catch her breath.
‘I think… I think… I think I’m safe!’ Missi thought, waiting until she had caught her breath, Missi began to calm down.
‘Oh thank good… for the moment there I thought…’ Missi thought as she slowly paused noticing something she notice before, Missi knew she was sitting so where did had all four limbs on the ground, heart began to race as she slowly stood up to find the same thing.
‘No, please no…’ Missi thought taking a few steps finding that she was walking just like a cat, now more scared then she was before, looking around to find anything to look to see her reflection, Missi franticly looked to find nothing.
“There’s got to be something… anything?!” Missi cries out, looking around to still find nothing, Missi had no choice but to look somewhere else.

“Can you hurry up, who knows what those guys are doing to her… I swear if they touched her…” Nicole explains as she waits for the old man to grab what he need to return her friend back to normal.
“I got a lot of stuff already, it’s little bit hard to remember which is which!” the old man snarls, Nicole just return the favour as she looks around the old man’s store to see all kind of weird stuff and as she scans over the random pieces of junk, Nicole catches a very beautiful unicorn statue.
“Wow…”Nicole whispers reaching up for the statue.
“DON’T!” The old man shouted causing Nicole to stop in her tracks, “Unless you want to be a unicorn, go right a head!” backing away from the statue, she turns to the man to see grab an armband.
“Ah here is, now we just have to find her!” the old man said, “How hard can that be?”

“Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!” Missi cries out running as fast as she could as three dogs were chasing her, while attempting to find anything to see her reflection she only found trouble by three dogs. Finding a tree, on instinct she ran towards and climbed up and sat on top of a high branch. The three dogs barked at her, as she just sat on the branch sighing in relief.
“Get lost you dumb dogs!” Missi cries out.
“Who are you calling dumb, cat?” the fox terrier asks, Missi was stunned she just heard one of the dogs talk.
“What did you cay?” Missi asks.
“He said who are you calling dumb, cat?” the golden retriever said.
“Come on guys,” the Dalmatian said, “this can’t is no fun!” and with that the three dogs left mumbling something between themselves.
“Okay… apparently I am either going crazy or that I can now understand animals!” Missi said, waiting for awhile until climbing down which was much hard to then climbing up, returning to solid ground, Missi was beginning to get worried, what else has happened to her that she didn’t know yet, walking down the street Missi found herself of catching a break as someone had place dresser with a mirror on the side of the road, instantly Missi ran up to it and jumped on top, pausing for a second two by the sheer impressment she felt in cats and leaping ability. Making her way to the front of the mirror, Missi just paused in shock to see a normal looking cat looking back at her, not a single part of her was human.
“I’m… I’m a cat… I’m an actual full on cat!” Missi explains and as she looks at herself not too sure what to do next she notice something else that made her heart sank, her collar did have the bell on it anymore.
“Where is it, where’s that damn bell?” Missi asks looking around to see no sign of it, going through her memory to see where she could of lost it, it then hit her, when she was caught by the fence when she was escaping from the three guys.
“So was that mean, I can’t be change anymore? Can I still be change back?” Missi asks as question after question ran through her mind, suddenly hearing something moving, Missi jumped turning instantly to the noise to see it was coming from a trashcan.
“Alright come hear… oh yes… BONUS!” a female voice echoed from trash can as a piece of half rotten fish flew out landing on the ground near by as a head of a tabby cat pop out.
“Dinner is served,” jumping out the cat makes her way to the fish only to pause catching sight of Missi nearby, the two just looked at each other for a moment before the tabby cat went into protect mode.
“You not stealing my food alright!” the tabby cat snarls, her fur sticking up. Missi turned her attention to the fish.
“Uh no thanks, you keep it!” Missi said sounding quite disgusted.
“What really?” the tabby asks calming herself down.
“Yeah, you go and eat from the trash,” Missi said jumping from the dresser, “I’m getting the hell out of here!” the tabby just watches, looking at Missi in a strange way that kinda gave Missi an odd feeling.
“How long?” the tabby asks.
“Huh?” Missi asks.
“How long has it been since you were human?” the tabby asks, Missi froze in shock.
“H… how did you know?” Missi asks.
“Because I use to be human too!” the tabby explains.
“You… you were human?” Missi asks.
“Yeah… I use to be Lawler for a great ferm, I was good at it too… maybe too good, I was putting guy… Shin Yi away for kidnapping, however the evidence was… lacking… I didn’t give up, I followed him, he ambushed me with two of his friends and they placed this collar on me… I began to change, when I got to a point of my changes…” the tabby paused, “they…. They… next thing I knew I was a cat struggling to survive… and being doing so for about two years now!”
“Oh my god, that’s so sad,” Missi explains.
“The past is the past, there’s nothing we can do about… and how about huh?”
“I bought this collar for my cat but I put it on for a costume party and well I just got turned!” Missi explains.
“Wow… sorry I guess” the tabby said, “The name is Lynda by the way!”
“Missi,” Missi said, “listen, my friend is looking for me, we found the guy who made these collars and we were hoping to find away to get this off and me back to normal… I don’t know my way around, if you help I reckon we can help you too!”
“What... really?” Lynda said, “Then what are we waiting for?”

“You know what you are doing?” Nicole asks as she follows the old man who had a compass right out in front of him.
“Girl this is not my first rodeo, this compass will lead me to your friend… within a certain window…” the old man said.
“What?” Nicole asks.
“This compass can track someone who has been recently changed, forty-eight hours from now… if we don’t find her then this will not work anymore!” the old man explains.
“What kind of magical compass can only do that?” Nicole asks.
“Mine!” the old man growls, “Now if you don’t mind, I am trying to find your friend…” turning a corner, the man began to pick up speed.
“What… what is it?” Nicole asks chasing the old man.
“Your friend is close, and I mean real close!” the old man said.
“What really?” Nicole asks, “MISSI, MISSI, MISSI!”

Missi and Lynda made their way down a street when Missi paused for a second her ears twitching to a familiar sound.
“Missi what is it?” Lynda asks.
“I could swear I can hear my friend!” Missi explains.
“I don’t hear anything!” Lynda told her as Missi just stood still as she could hear her name being called in the distance.
“It… it is her, come on!” Missi cries out running towards her name being called, Lynda chased after her as they could hear Missi name being called louder and louder, turning around a corner, Missi heart skipped a beat catching sight of her friend.
“Oh my god, Nicole, Nicole!” Missi cries out, hearing a series of meows, Nicole turns to see two cats running up to her.
“Missi?” Nicole asks as one of the cats was meowing crazy.
“Yep that’s her alright… and who is this?” the old man asks noticing the other cat, noticing it was wearing on his collar and could only guess that this cat was once human too.
“What are you waiting for turn her back!” Nicole explains.
“Okay, okay…” the old man said bending down to place the wrist band on Missi but paused for a moment.
“What… what’s wrong?” Nicole asks.
“Where’s her bell?” the old man asks.
“The bell, it’s missing, without it I can’t change her back!” the old man explains.
“What?” Missi cries out which to the old man and Nicole was just a series of meows, “No… I don’t want to be cat forever!”
“I’m sorry, I can change this one, but without the bell your friend stuck like this!” the old man explains.

The old man did kept to his word, he changed Lynda back to normal, apart the being cat longer then Missi there were a side effect of her breasts being bigger then they previous was. As for Missi, she spent most her time at her own home with her pet cat Sam, which the two began to get close, Sam was bale to teach her some tricks of being a cat. It took Nicole a long time to convince Missi’s parents that there daughter was there new pet and it took them even longer to accept it. Months past and Missi got word that the old man died by the three guys that kidnapped her and Lynda was the one that was going to send them to jail. For Missi this was good and bad news as the three guys would not change anymore girls but with the old man gone she was trapped as a cat and no way to return to normal.

The end.
the third and final installment. i felt like i kind of rushed it, tell me what you think?

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
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WalterStriker Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
Great story now write one about a girl who did pick up the unicorn statue
giant257 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
A very good story. I'm usually not as drawn to Cat TF stories but I enjoyed the very detailed descriptions of the transformation. It did seem the last part may have been a bit rushed as there was a lot more scenes involved and not as much detail as the two previous parts. Still a very well written story, it does also leave open the opportunity for prequels, possibly involving Lynda or other bells the old man could have given out.
Sebaku75 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Itīs a great story . Absolut fantastic.
ChevronTango Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
really wished it hadn't ended like that, but a very good story.
tommycurl Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
such a sad story
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