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My life as a teenage mermaid
By The Shadow Demon

Chapter 3: Secrets of adjusting

If someone told me yesterday that I would turn into a mermaid then get attacked by some wolf creature only to be saved by my Principle and now laying in the back seat of her car with a mermaid tail, I would swear they were off their meds. And yet here I am, my principle driving her car with my bags of clothes that I just brought in the front passenger seat while I sat on the backseat laid across with my tail bent slightly to fit my full body inside. The entire time my eyes were straight on my principle as not just did she save me from that weird creature but place me in her and now we were making our way to our school. What exactly was she going to do to me? Experiment on me? Soon she parked in one of the car spots and turned off her car. I looked around not too sure what to say or do. As I turned to my principle, Joanne Kelly, no one could guess her age as she looks like she was in her late twenties but act like she’s fifty with her long dark hair always pulled up she always had a lot of the male teachers after her mostly for her looks and body figure.
“Okay,” I finally spoke, “I’m not exactly sure what happened or what that thing was but if you are going to experiment on me then-”
“Werewolf!” Miss Kelly interrupted me.
“Come again?”
“Werewolf!” She repeated still looking forward her hands on the driving wheel.
“I’m sorry did you say werewolf, but they not real!” I stated.
“Says the teenage girl who has a mermaid tail!” Miss Kelly explains turning her attention to me, I looked down at my tail then back to her.
“Fair point!” I responded, “Okay, so miss Kelly…”
“Please, call me Joanne!” Miss Kelly explains.
“Joanne, exactly what did you do and why are you not freaked out by this!” I explain.
“Because,” Joanne said raising her hand up pulling out the pins that was hold her hair to let it loose and it did it gave natural bounce but I noticed of her hair wasn’t natural, “I am exactly like you” I couldn’t believe it, with her hair up her hair looked do be dark, near black but now with her hair down that framed her face perfectly it showed that it was navy blue in tone.
“You’re… you’re a mermaid?” I ask I couldn’t believe it, my principle was just like me, a mermaid.
“Have been for a long time!” Joanne explains, as she reaches down underneath her car set and draws it out revealing that it was towel, handing it over to me, I gracefully took it and began to dry myself.
“I was about to leave for collage when it happened to me,” Joanne explains, “I wanted to have one last swim at my local water hole… next thing I knew I found myself in my bed the very next day, with this hair and body!”
“That’s what happened to me!” I explain as I continue dry myself feeling the changes reverting as my tail returned to my human legs once again.
“It wasn’t long until I discovered the… rest of the changes, every time we are exposed to water we change,” Joanne explains handing over couple of my shopping bags to as I now properly sat in the car seat with only a towel covering my lower half. “Only drying ourselves do we turn back!”
“I’ve noticed!” I stated grabbing a pair of panties and jeans and slip them on.
“In this new life you got to learn a lot and quick!” Joanne explains.
“New life? No, no, no… I don’t want a ‘new life’ I want my normal life back, I don’t want to be a mermaid, I don’t want to grow a tail every time I touch water, I don’t want to be a attack by a what-you-called-it!”
“Werewolf!” Joanne explains.
“WHATEVER!” I cried out, “I am going home and I am going to forget all of this and remove every piece of evidence of it!”
With that I grabbed my bags and got out of Joanne car storming off not even daring to look back as I was on the war path to get my normal life back, one way or another.


“Okay it should be another five seconds before I can wash this out!” I said laying in my bathtub, my mermaid tail laying over the top of the tub as thirty minutes of cutting and dying my hair back to my natural colour, soon I was going to be normal again, with my normal hair colour and my normal hair length. Hearing my alarm from my phone going off to mark that it was time to was out the dye out so I can have my new or old natural hair colour. Turning on the tap to the bath I place my hair under it washing out the remaining dye, after that and stroking my hand through my new shoulder length brunette hair just like I was born with. Pushing myself out the bath tub, I grabbed my towel and dried myself as quick as I could and sure enough I watch my tail revert back to my human legs. Now standing I wrap my towel around my chest as I make my way to the mirror and let out a smile to see that I now look like what I looked like before, before I turned into… we-shall-not-mention.
“Hmm, that’s better!” I said couldn’t help to hide my smile for my victory of get my normal hair length and hair colour but my smile disappeared as I watched as my hair seeming natural grew longer my dyed job vanishing into the hot pink and I stood there unbelieving that I once again had hot pink long hair.
“Oh you got to be kidding me!” I cried out couldn’t believe my own luck, exactly how much of my body has changed? How powerful is this curse? I just want to be normal again, just pretending that I am normal would have done for me but it looks like that was out of the window.
“Any more bright ideas?” I ask myself as I look myself in the mirror trying to find any answer to my question with only one name came to my mind, Joanne Kelly.


*Knock, knock, knock*

Hearing footsteps behind the door, I waited not too sure what to say or do as sure enough the opens up with Joanne standing in the other side.
“Let me guess, you tried to cut and dye your hair?” Joanne asked, I just look at her and gave slight nod, she in return replied with a slight sigh, “Come in!”
Making my way into her house, this was the first time I have ever been inside my principle’s house, inside was large and open, with calm white wall paint, and I explore even more to her dinning room I could see it was joined to her kitchen.
“So,” I stated finally breaking my silence, “mermaids, werewolves… they the only ones that exist, right?”
“Oh how I wish I could say yes to that question!” Joanne grins, “No, as far as I can tell nearly every single mythical creature exists, they just don’t advertise their presence as much!”
“So what exactly happened to me, er… us!” I ask quickly changing my question.
“We touched the beacon!” Joanne explains.
“The what now?” I ask.
“The beacon, to what I could learn about it, it’s some kind of mystic item that self-transports to one location to another changing any women into mermaids that touch it!” Joanne explains.
“So this has happened before?”
“To what I have heard, yes!” Joanne answers then adds, “If you wish to survive this world you have found yourself in, you need to learn everything and master your powers and abilities!”
“Control over water, I think I got that down!” I stated, seeing a smile creep on my principle’s face as she launches her right arm to her side as she did a blast of frost shot out hitting the wall as it did the frost crystallize over the area, I stared my mouth full a gap, turning back to Joanne with the biggest grin on her face.
“Time that you got your crash course of everything that is mermaid, come I want show you something” Joanne says as she led me out of the dinning room and into her back patio which had the most beautiful view of the sea and a medium size pool that looked incredibly deep, but I didn’t care about the pool I was too amazed of the sight I was seeing that I didn’t even notice what my teacher was doing.
“You coming or what?” Joanne asks me, I turn about to ask her what she meant only to quickly looking away blushing as I did, my principle had completely stripped down exposing me to her body even that I only saw it for a just mere second I knew like me her body was built for being a model or being we’ve teenagers wet dream.
“Can you cover yourself up?” I ask still looking away as I hear a small splash, turning back I see Joanne in the pool.
“And cause my clothes to rip, no thank you!” Joanne said, “Now like I said, you coming or what?” And with that she dives down giving a small splash of her blue tail fin. I watch as Joanne seem to disappear in the depth of the pool, I just stood there curious on how exactly deep is this pool? Hearing a whistle my head popped up as I look over to the sea and saw Joanne waving her hand at me.
“How…” I pondered on how she got over there, I looked back at the pool guessing that it must be connected to the sea. “Okay that is cool!” quickly, I removed every bit of my clothing leaving me naked as I dived in and began swimming downwards, as I continued to swim I felt my movements of my feet disappearing and the power of my tail emerging as with one flick of my tail I launch forward with unbelievable speed, I followed the water my arms stretch out in front of me as soon I hit the ocean and the freedom of it, spinning around, I looked down at my tail, I couldn’t believe how power this thing was, little alone how much faster I was in the water. Turning to the surface, I thrust up wards as fast and as hard as I could, breeching the waters surface and flying a good seven feet above the water.
“WOOOHOOO!!!” I cried out before landing back into the water I never had such fun, such freedom in my life, returning back to the surface where Joanne was waiting for me.
“I you are aware, we are faster in the water, your tail is your accelerate, your arms are your steering and break!” Joanne explains diving down, quickly I followed as the two of us shot deeper and further out, I looked up and notice that I could see perfectly in the water, further then I would back as a human, looking at Joanne I notice that even that she like me, a mermaid, she looked much different then I did. Her scales were blue to deep blue her breasts covered in the same colour pattern, but her tail fin was the most that different, while mine was a typical tail fin, hers was like a large fan that sparkles ever time it moved, suddenly spun around doing a near three-sixty as she shot up and stopped in front of me, quickly I stopped.
“We can also speak perfectly under water and best of all… we can breathe under water,” Joanne said shooting away, I floated for a second, exhaling my lung full of air before inhaling the coldness of the water, exhale, inhale, exhale… inhale.
“THIS IS AWESOME!”  I cried out shooting forward, soon catching up to Joanne as we swam around each other, as I moved my body in ways that legs wouldn’t allowed me to do, we’ve dived deep into the darkness of the ocean then back to the surface. I laughed taking in the salty air, my body was easily to adjust between air to water as I look back to see Port Larkin, it was so far away I could barely even see it.
“Is that?” I ask turning to Joanne to see that smile on her face.
“Port Larkin, such a peaceful town… if it only knew…” Joanne sates, as she turns to the skies, “Come on, we need to get back!”
“Why?” I ask, “This is unbelievable!”
“Well for starters, it’s getting late and no doubt your mother will be getting worried!” Joanne explains.
“Yeah, fair point I guess!” I stated. We dived down and return to the shore, soon find the entry to Joanne pool I entered inside first calming surfacing inside the pool as about to make my way out of the water I turn to see a woman sitting on the lounge chair, she turned to me and look curious on seeing me.
“Hello” she said.
“Hi!” I responded not too sure what to do as Joanne surfaces and sees the same woman.
“Oh hey Kate, I wasn’t expecting you today!” Joanne said as she pushes herself out of the pool.
“I have some new information for you, but it looks like you have company!” the woman, which I guess called Kate response.
“Oh this is Bridgette Green a new turned mermaid, I was just showing her the ropes!” Joanne explains.
“Like how new?” Kate asks.
“About a day old!” Joanne answers.
“So the beacon was here!” Kate states, “I thought as much!”
“I’m sorry, but… who are you?” I ask finally jumping into the conversation.
“Bridgette this is Kate Snow, she owns the shop on Forest Street!” Joanne answers.
“And your town’s witch!” Kate smiles.
“Witch? You’re an actual witch?” I ask.
“Wow she is really green!” Kate said turning to Joanne who was now drying herself. “Thought she would learn more of her stories after getting attacked by that werewolf!”
“Wait, how did you know that?” I ask.
“Joanne told me!” Kate answers, “But she didn’t tell me you were a new mermaid!”
“I was going to get to it!” Joanne answers, “Mind passing over my bra?”
“Sure!” Kate said handing Joanne her bra as her tail slowly reverts back to her human legs.
“Okay this is a little too much for just one day!” I said.
“Trust me Bridgette,” Joanne said grabbing her panties and slipping them on as she stands up, “this is only the tip of the crazy iceberg!”
I turned to Kate how just nodded her head in agreement, while floated in my principle’s pool wondering how deep this rabbit hole goes…

End of Chapter 3

Next – Chapter 4: Slippery when wet!
Chapter 3: Secrets of adjusting

so Bridgette learns secrets of what she is and ways to adjust
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"I don’t want to be a attack by a what-you-called-it!”

Due to the werewolf's actions...
Bunnyhoofs Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student Photographer
Be careful, Bridgette. If you mate with a werewolf, you will unleash the Final Prophecy.
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So basically, the principal is a mermaid, her friend a witch, P.E. is a Minotaur, Math would be a naga, and so on according to the rules of your world? I mean, ANY creature could be roaming around?
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Certainly eager to learn more!
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Very good!
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