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The TF Game: Round 1
Collaboration by The-Shadow-Demon & TF-mistress
(Women into dog, pig and cat)

Site: Olympia, Greece.
Time: 23:55 (or 11:55 PM)

Deserted ruins lay upon a long, flat field. Though seemingly unimpressive now, over 2500 years ago, these ruins were part of a massive stadium, hosting the first ever Olympic games. Due to the late hour, all tourists had long left. Save for one, who was just arriving. A middle aged man walked along the field. He looked middle aged, had short silver hair, and a plain leather jacket. In his hands was a flashlight, used to navigate the darkness, and a crumpled letter.

The man surveyed the field to see if anyone was there. Nobody. Was he too early?

He looked at the letter in his hand again, which said as followed:

“To the Man,
I have been watching your work lately, and am impressed. I would like you to be part of a special event I am putting together.

Meet me at the ancient Olympic stadium in Greece at midnight tomorrow, and we will discuss it further.
Yours truly,

He put the letter back into his pocket, and surveyed the field once more. He had a lot of questions for whoever wrote this. The only people who knew of his work, as well as the name ‘The Man’ were those whom he had transformed. And they were hardly in any condition to tell anyone. He wasn’t worried at all, mind you. Just curious.
“Looks like you’re the first one here,” a woman’s voice said behind him.
He spun around to look at the speaker. A woman in a dark cloak and hood stood in front of him. The man chuckled, impressed. As someone who delighted to sneak up on others, he wasn’t used to it happening to him.
“I assume you’re C then?” He asked.
She nodded. “I am. Thank you for coming.”
“Oh it was nothing. I couldn’t think of anything better to do anyway,” he said with a warm smile
“Oh I’m sure you could have thought of something” she laughed “by the way, before you even think it, don’t even try using your powers on me. It wouldn’t work.” She spoke the last part almost teasingly.
“I wouldn’t dream of it” he said “But are you going to fill me in on who you are, and what’s going on here?”
“Not yet. I’m still waiting on one person, but he should be here any second” she said, looking out at the field “Specking of which…”

The man turns to the direction that ‘C’ was looking at, his eyes widen as he watches shadows of the field move on its own, forming upwards it began to take shape, the figure took on a male humanoid features, arms, hands, body, legs, feet, neck and head but completely made from the very shadows. Two demonic pure white eye appeared on the creature face as a jagged tooth line appeared causing it to open his mouth slightly, three spikes grew from his head that flicker in the wind like fire, two more spikes grew out this time out of the creatures back. His fingers and feet like claws completing the creature’s features.
“Now that’s an entrance” C said with a slight grin.
“It is one thing to summon me but sending me a letter to my realm… that is just impressive!” the creature growls, his voice sound cold, dark and harsh as he makes his way towards The man and the mystery woman. The man just stared unsure on what he was seeing, a being made pure out of the shadows at this point he knew that he was dealing with something beyond anything he had seen or heard of.
“What are you staring at?” the creature snarls turning to The Man.
“Ugly as hell apparently!” The Man said keeping a straight face.
“WANT TO RUN THAT BY ME AGAIN?!” the creatures yells getting right in The Man’s face.
“Enough, I did not bring you two here to bicker, despite how much that be entertaining to me, I brought you two for another reason!” C said remove her hood revealing who she was to the two, to The Man the most beautiful woman he had ever seen to the creature a familiar face that he knew all too well.
“Circe!” the creature growls.
“Hello Darkess… or do you prefer The Shadow Demon, TSD?” C said giving TSD a smile.
“You two know each other?” The Man asks.
“We have a history!” TSD snarls.
“After all these eons you’re still holding a grudge? You really need to get yourself a hobby!” Circe said almost teasing TSD, “But do not threat I am not here to remanence of the good old times I’m here for something else… a game if you will!”
“A game?” The Man and TSD said in sync.
“Oh yes, a simple game you each have turn on change a soul, the best out of five rounds wins!” Circe stats.
“And exactly do we get out of this game?” the man asks curious on where this was leading to.
“What else when you win in a game? A prize!” Circe answers.
“Like you can give me anything that can possible make me-” TSD started as he turns and starts to walk away.
“How about power? Ways to defeat your enemies? If you win I shall grant you one wish, one perfect wish!” Circe interrupts causing TSd to stop and turn back to Circe.
“And what makes you think I wont just take it?” TSD asks.
“If you truly wanted to, you would of done it already!” Circe pointed out, “I can do what I say and shall give one of you and only one this prize you got to admit TSd you do enjoy playing games!”
“I could go for a round what about you?” The man said with a grin looking at TSD, TSD growls as he makes his way back.
“Fine, what are your terms?” TSD asks.
“The rules are simple, you each have a turn per each round, do what you want it does not matter, you can not interfere with the others turn at the end of the round I shall cast my vote on who won the round, best out of five wins!” Circe explains. “And I won’t be playing favourite despite how much TSD thinks I do!”
“Sounds basic!” The man said.
“Who asked you?” TSD snarls.
“Round one starts… now!” Circe said with a click of her fingers The Man and TSD disappears leaving Circe smiling “Let the game begin!”

A bell chimes twelve times sounding that it was midnight over a sleeping city as The Man and TSD look over it.
“So you want to go first?” The man asks, TSd just gave him a look.
“Oh by all means you first!” TSD said.
“Hmm very well, let’s see you out do this!” The man smirks as he takes a step falling from the very roof the two were standing on landing on the ground with ease as The Man walked on seeking his next victim.

Cassidy made her way down the quiet streets, she had travelling the streets specially at night but since she had a late shift and with her car in the shop she had no choice to walk back home. Making her way around a corner catching sight of The Man stand on the corner which caught her off guard.
“Oh I’m sorry, did I scare you?” The Man asks.
“Oh no, no you didn’t!” Cassidy lied as she continues to walk on.
“I must say it must be it must be scary to walk these streets alone… so late at night!” The man said as he begins to follow Cassidy.
“Look, I’m kind of in a rush here so if you don’t mind!” Cassidy picking up her pace.
“Oh not stay and just talk!” the man said as he said ‘stay’ Cassidy stopped in her tracks against her will. Cassidy looked down at her own legs trying to force them to move to do anything but they would not listen to her commands.
“My… my legs, something is wrong with my legs!” Cassidy said in sheer horror.
“Really?” The Man as leans over to get a closer look as her legs “they look fine to me!”
“No there’s something wrong, I can’t move them!” Cassidy said as The Man looks up to her with a slight grin.
“Well they look okay to me but maybe I need to get a better look if you don’t mind!” The man said, almost on queue Cassidy hands moved on they own as they moved on there own and making their way to her pants.
“Wha-what?” Cassidy said too stunned as she wasn’t moving her arms as she tries to force her arms to stop the more she realizes she couldn’t. Cassidy could only but watch as her own body was betraying her as they slowly removed her pants showing her elegant legs to night wind and to The Man.
“Very nice, very nice… but they still look fine to me!” The man said.
“You’re… you’re doing this to me!” Cassidy said as her arms now remove her jumper and shirt in one short.
“Wow… she catches on quick!” a voice calls out catching the two off guard as they look up to see TSD siting on top of a nearby building holding a box of popcorn as he picks on out and throws it in his mouth.
“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!” Cassidy screams.
“Oh shoosh!” The man said, instantly Cassidy mouth shut close causing Cassidy to only let out a muffled scream. “What are you doing here? Circe said no interfering!”
“First off I’m not interfering I’m just simply enjoying the show, second you will know if I was interfering and thirdly… popcorn?” TSD said handing out a piece of popcorn. The man just turned back to Cassidy who was undressing herself fully against her own while as she finds herself standing on her hands and feet.
“Now since your being a bit of bitch to me why not we make it to a more literal meaning!” The man said.
“Ooh… creative!” TSD said sarcastically grabbing a handful of popcorn and shoving it into his mouth.
“Oh just enjoy the show!”  The man said in slight annoyance as he watches Cassidy staring right at him, begging him to stop wit her eyes as her changes began. First her size began to become smaller, her body shrank more and more as brown hairs start to sprout all over her body. With her head still in her power to move, Cassidy turns to her hands to see her fingers reseeding into her hands as they become rounder while her nails grew more pointed. The man slightly turns to TSD who still watched from his seat looking unimpressed and yet to the short time that The Man has known of this strange demon he noticed that he never looked impressed about anything. Returning his vision back on to Cassidy, Cassidy new tail was beginning to sprout out from her backside as her body is beginning to reshape to a canine features.
“Enjoying what your seeing demon?” The Man said as he continues to watch Cassidy, TSD said nothing as he too watches. Cassidy face starts to push out while her ears grew longer then flopped over, Cassidy still unable to scream, for her mouth being shut close could only let out some muffled screams as her changes to continue to take her humanity away from her. With her legs now the appropriate size for a canine her feet and toes joined her hands and to change into paws, turning her head to her tail now fully grown and covered in brown fur, her teeth in now her snout changed becoming canine, her breasts once hanging from her body now retreats into her chest leaving only her nipples now teats as more sets appear down her fury cover belly.
“Oh I’m sorry you want to say something?” The man said allowing Cassidy to be released from her invisible muzzle.
“Bark… bark bark bark!” Cassidy calls out as her own voice was now that of a dogs.
“Oh who’s good girl? Who’s a god girl?” The man said in a childish way, Cassidy panted as she rolled over almost begging for her belly to be rubbed while in her mind she was screaming for her body to stop for this to stop for to run but her own body would not move to her thoughts Cassidy was not trapped in a different body but also a prison in it.
“Off you go you little rascal!” The man said giving Cassidy a slight rub on the belly before she got up to her feet and ran off. The man turns to TSD who still sat on top of the rooftop, The Man let a smile appear on his face as he clicks his fingers causing the clothes that Cassidy was wearing vanish without a trace.
“So… how was the show?” the man asks, TSD pushes himself off and landing on the ground below and walks up and pass The Man.
“I’ve seen better!” TSD said.
“Better? BETTER?!” The man asks slightly taking back by TSD remark.
“The beginning was cliché but you did good… guess… Popcorn?” TSD said turning back handing out his box of popcorn, The Man in annoyance hits the popcorn out of TSD hand and stood toe to toe with him.
“I made her a prison in a dogs body… how can you seen better?” The man asks as TSD eyes were on his dropped popcorn.
“You made me dropped my popcorn!” TSD said
“Do you know who I am?” The man asks.
“Odd, I was about to say the same to you!” TSD said turning to The Man, the man just gave a smile.
“You know what, I believe your turn!” The Man stated.
“Ah finally, some entertainment!” TSD said as he place a hand on The Man’s shoulder, before The Man could enquiry on what TSD was doing the two disappear into the shadows.

Reappearing in a unknown area The Man looks around trying get any idea on where he was and just before was about to ask TSD covers his mouth with his hand.
“Now let me show you how to have some fun!” TSD said giving The Man an evil grin as TSd disappears into the darkness, The Man stood in his tight dark room finding himself surround by clothes and music playing outside.
“No way…” The man whispers to himself as he slowly open the door to see that he was inside the closet in a typical teenage girl’s room where two girls were dancing to some music they were playing on the stereo.

Danielle and Sally two sisters enjoying one of their rare occasions where their parents have left them alone for the night, Danielle the oldest at eighteen with long blonde hair and green eyes while Sally at seventeen with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, the two knew that having a party was too big for just a one night thing so instead they went with doing everything they wanted to do, stay up real late listen to their music at full blast and watch shows and movies that their parents would class ‘inappropriate’ for them. Suddenly their stereo went silent catching the two girls off guard as they stop dancing and turn to the stereo.
“What’s wrong with your stereo?” Sally asks as Danielle walks over to her stereo, pressing the on and off button to see no power was coming from it, she lean over to the power point to see it was still plugged in and still on.
“I think it just died!” Danielle stated, suddenly the door to her bedroom slammed violently shut causing the two to jump slightly.
“Did you do that?”  Danielle asks her sister, Sally who was staring at the door shock her head to respond a ‘no’ to her sisters question. Sally nervously walks over to her sister door slowly reaching for it as shadow tentacle shot out and strikes at Sally causing her to double back and scream.
“Oh that never gets old!” TSD voice chuckles as the two girls look around the room as a shadow shots from one of the room to another keeping the two girls in the centre of the room and terrified beyond anything.
“Who’s is that… what do you want?” Danielle asks her voice unnoticeably full of fear the two watches the shadows slowing crawling down the walls.
“Just having me some fun!” TSD voice said “So tell me… what’s your favourite animal?” TSD asks launching his face out of the shadows scarring the two girls as the shadows launch out grabbing the girls, the girls scream as they struggle to fight they’re way out as the more they struggled the tighter the shadows gripped.
“Let’s us go please let us go!” Sally said in the verge of tears as TSD forms completely from the wall and standing in front of the two terrified girls.
“Having fun yet?” TSD asks crossing his arms.
“What?” Danielle asks.
“Wasn’t talking to you!” TSd said slightly turning his head to their closet where The Man opens the door and makes his way out.
“I’m more intrigued than anything else!” The man said.
“Oh just wait… we haven’t got to the main event!” TSD said turning back to the girls. The two girls continue to struggle against their restraints the shadows start to creep over their body, a strange feeling went over the two girls as they frantic struggle became more frantic.
Danielle watches in pure fear to her fingers stiffening as they shrank becoming darker and stiffer, her skin started to change from her cream white to pink as her fingers now trotters continue to change, beginning to put on a serious amount of weight on, TSD let a grin appear on his face the shadows continue to sweep over the girls body, ripping away their clothing while The Man watched as he looked at TSD to see that he was having way too much fun in these girls misery. Danielle nose pushed upwards and out forming into a snout causing Danielle to let out a horrified pig squeal.
“Stop this… oink… please… oink… stop this!” Danielle pleaded as her ears start to grow long large and flop as she continues to put on more and more weight. TSD leans in forward still with that evil grin on his face.
“How about no?” TSD teases as Danielle sobs loudly as her face puffs out her hair fell out, her arm and legs shorten while becoming fatter by the second. Her body rearrange as a short curled tail appeared out her backside, being released from the shadows, Danielle landed on all four letting out a series of oinks and squeals as she looks up two the two as Danielle the pig still pleaded with TSD to change her back. Meanwhile Sally’s changes were happening her body was becoming smaller and smaller, a tabby mixture of colour hair started sprouting all over her body as her reshape to a cute cat muzzle, her ears were next growing pointed as they shift to the top of her head, whiskers sprouted out from Sally cheeks as she opens her mouth showing her new cat teeth and fangs, her hands and fingers shrank while her nails grew sharp and curved becoming claws. A tail begins to push out her backside as Sally continue to shrink now a quarter of her once normal size her body continue to shrink, Sally cried out in pain as her arms and legs pop and crack into their new relocations while her spine adjust to a more a quadruped stance.
“Do you see it now?” TSD asks still watches the changes as his query was to The Man and no one else. “The fun?”
The shadows like with Danielle releases Sally as she landed on all fours letting a scared meow as her human hair seem to fuse into her fur making near impossible to tell the two apart.
“You allow them to have control over their bodies, where’s the fun in that?  It’s more cruel to make them prisoners in their body!” The Man stated.
“You sure about that?” TSD asks turning to The Man as the shadows wrap around Danielle and Sally completely then dissipate showing the two new changed girls nowhere to be seen in the room. “Tell me, how many of your toys have gave up because they could not contact anyone because they had no control over their body? It’s just far more entertaining to see them squirm...” suddenly TSD slams his foot against The Man’s neck pinning him against the wall behind him, “Like right now for instance!”
“Okay TSD let him go!” Circe voice calls out as she appears TSd just snarls releasing The Man.
“There is something wrong with you!” The Man growls at TSD rubbing his neck in the process, TSD looks back to the man giving him a smile.
“Aww did I hurt your feeling?” TSD teases
“Enough you two,” Circe said “round one has finished and it’s time for me to cast me vote on who won round one”

---Cast your vote, who won round one?---
A Collaboration by :icontf-mistress: and your truly, TF-mistress contacted me a while ago suggesting a collaboration story between me and her. and well i was intrigued and so after noting back and forth we came with what i think a pretty cool story, the TF game.

Note: TF-mistress wrote up to before TSD appeared in the story, I only edit a few things around it the rest is yours truly so see if you can spot the difference writing styles :)

edit: 18th august 2013 - votes are close for round one and by three votes... The Man wins round one

round 2:…
round 3:…
round 4:…
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Balnazaar Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
TSD for sure, what is the point of controlling them when you can watch how they would have acted if they were in full control.
DaHood98 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013

The Man was superior in this outcome.

I hope Circe will specify the rules for the next round.

mnevins5659 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013

the man!


alphinecentury Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha this is looking to be a close battle
Un-Artistic Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
I vote for 'The Man' because of how much he toyed with his victim.
StarfallVulpixGirl Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
TSD Obviously! The shadow thing is just way too cool and scary! Loved it!
TheTgNinja Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student General Artist
The Man hands down, I like the way TSD scares his victims but you just can't beat the control The Man has with how he toyed with his victim and I agree with his comment about it being better to make them prisoners.
Loreno89 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
I`d say TSD won, he did kinda get an advantage by turning two people at once, but still^^
Inry Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
The Man. TSD disqualified for double TF instead of one person.
I think, the next victim type has to be choosen by Circe (i.e. middle-aged salesman, bratty teen, dumb housemaid etc.)
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
remember Circe never implied how many can be turned in one turn! :evillaugh:
Inry Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
There have to be some cruelity over TSD. Because TSD usually uses hidden unspoken rules to his favor. This is the quality competition, not quantity.
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
i'll keep that in mind when it's my turn again!
daisu1 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I will have to give this one to The Man.  TSD was too rushed, and doing two TF took away more substance then added to it.


I look forward to more.


A10Jockey Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd say The Man in the beginning of his but when it came down to the transformation and afterwards I'd say TSD.
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
so The Man or TSD? i'm not too sure which you chose!
A10Jockey Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
TSD, sorry about the wording I was tired when I wrote that and my brain doesn't function on little sleep.
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
ok just making a sure, as the votes will determ the outcome of the stories!
tf-mistress Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Amazing work. Everything is spot on!

Make sure to cast your votes everyone. Part 2 will be on my page
alphinecentury Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tough one. But I really enjoy the concept thus far and will look forward to the next few rounds :). My vote would go to The Man. Probably because he humiliated his victim more by treating the victim like a bitch before letting her run off. Whereas there wasnt much squirming in TSD's victims after their transformation. Thats just my opinion of course. As I said...tough decision. But the final vote lies with Circe! XD Hope to see more animal tfs from you both in future. A fun game this shall be!
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
well the way that tf-mistress and i did this is that her vote will be the most voted by the fans so her vote will be the results of the fans! :)
mindspring2 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
nice, but i miss the gone wild series
Trevor48 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Good job
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