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Becoming part of the stock
By the shadow demon
(Woman into cow)

Jo as she preferred to be known as, it seemed that every time she heard “Joanne” she always felt that she was in trouble.
At the age of 17, long hazel brown hair with eyes to match, she was indeed a very beautiful farmer’s daughter.
Jo always had the idea of taken over her father’s dairy farm, if Drake was still working at that time. Drake was a young farmer in training, her father always gave him a hard time but by the end of every day they always sat down and had a chat. Only being one year older then she was with short dull blonde hair, sky blue eyes with a short but ruff goatee and well built, Jo just loved every time that she saw him but also doubt it that she was too nervous and too shy to even say hi.
One day, her father came up to her.
“Listen Jo, I’ve got to go to a farmer’s convention so I won’t be here for two weeks so can you take care of house?” Her father asks
“Yeah sure! What about the stock?” Jo asks
“Don’t worry about them, Drake has agreed to take care of them while I’m gone so you don’t need to worry about them, also don’t bother calling me, where I’m going there wont be any reception so with you have a problem you just have to sort it out yourself okay”
“Alright, you better go before loose the daylight” Jo told him
“Yeah okay I’ll see you honey” Her father calls out as he leaves her to daydream about Drake.
That night, Jo sat in the lounge room just trying to figure out how to get close to Drake without him even notice her.
Then it hit her, grabbing the phone she picks the phone book to call up an old family friend.
Then next day, Jo was so excited to get her chance as she watch a white car drive up to the house. Coming to a stop, a tall man with fair hair came out of the car and walks over to Jo.
“Oh my, is this Little Jo?” the man grins as he came over to give her a hug.
“Nice see you Victor, it’s been awhile” Jo smiles as the two remove each other from the hug.
“So you said on the phone that you needed my help with my research” Victor said wondering why he had to drive this fair.
“I here that change the genetic line of one species to another!” Jo said hopping that she wont be corrected.
“Well it has work on rat and gunnie pigs but I haven’t tried on it others” Victor told her.
“Well you are about your chance, I want you to turn me into a cow”
“Say what? Why?” Victor asks
“You see him” Jo pointed out Drake how was on the four-wheeler to move the cattle to the milking shed.
“Oh I see… hmm, well I’ve never did try a human transformation but it might could work” Victor told her.
“Well I still want to be me, voice and brain but everything else a full cow” Jo told him
“Sure, just give me second so can get ready” Victor said as return back to his car.
Moving towards an empty but soon wont be when Drake finishes the milking. The two stood as Victor got ready.
“Now are you sure you want to do this so you can close to a boy?” Victor asks
“Every time I get near I just chock up, this is the only way I can do it. But I need to know is this reversal?”
“Of cause, it never failed before… I just believe it I’m doing this to my best friends only daughter” Victor told her.
“Don’t worry you can change me back before my dad comes back, so when he does come, it will seem that none of this has happen” Jo explain
“Alright, you might want to remove your clothing since cows don‘t wear clothing” Victor told her
“Came I get some privacy then” with a smile on his face, Victor turned around unable to watch her removing her clothing.
“Okay,” she said, Victor return to see her holding her shirt over her body hiding her private places.
“Alright,” Victor said as walks and press the syringe into her arm. Jo felt a little bit weird as he pulls out the syringe out. “It’s done now place your hands and feet flat on the ground so you wont do yourself a injury when your bovine weight comes in.”
Doing what he said, Jo stood for while not feeling anything. “Is it working?” Jo asks
“Soon” Victor said with a grin on the voice. As he watch her starting to put on some weight on.
Jo could feel that she was getting heavier, soon she was no longer slim now she was very chubby, her toes and fingers fused together forming into cow hooves.
Her firm breasts sank into her chest as it grew outwards. Her arms now her new front legs as her back legs went through its final changes, her tail grows out of her cow backside.
Jo could feel extra weight gaining underneath her, instantly she knew her udder was growing in or out in this case. Jo closes her eyes as her head change, pushing out her lips becoming black and rubber like, her eyes enlarging moving upwards and separate from each other.
Final fur grow over herself, white hair covered her with the random black spot.
“Well done you are a cow” Victor said
Jo open her eyes, now muddy brown she turns to feel nothing felt different “Are you sure?” She said, it sounded different since she was speaking through rubber lips and using that large tongue of hers.
“Yep apart from your brain and voice as you requested you are in fact a cow” Victor told her.
Jo tried to look at her self to see as much of just a blur of white black fur, but she was happy with that. Slowly taking her first cow steps she got the used to it very quickly.
“Wow you got this down very quick” Victor told her as he was even surprise to even see it. “How does it feel?”
“A little bit weird, my udder keeps slapping my legs but it quite fun.” Jo said as tried to give a grin but could only do only move lips slightly.
“Now remember you are physically a cow, so you need to do all the cow needs, chew some cud, moo and you will have methane-laden flatulence and soggy dung as well”
“Oh well” Jo said, “Oh should I say… MOO”
“Okay I’ll see you tomorrow night to see how its going, have fun my dear” with that Victor grabbed her clothes and walks towards her house.
Jo walk around as she needed to get use to not walking on all fours, reaching down to eat some grass she found that it tasted awful.
“Man how do cows eat this shit?” Jo asks herself as she notice all the cows returning back into the paddock.
Night seem do be the most peaceful, as she awoke barely dawn brake to find that her udder was full of milk.
“Wow Victor really did make me into a cow, I need to be milked” She whispers as she followed the heard as they walk towards the milking shed, getting hooked up the milking machine, Drake paused to look at Jo for a second then moved to the next cow. Jo let out a quite sigh as the pressure in her udder decline. Soon enough she was released back into the paddock to graze again.
“What a simple life cows have!” Jo thought as she watches Drake walk past her house only to pause in front of it for a split second before he continues working.
Jo let out a load fart before dropping a whole lot of cow dung. Jo felt a bit embarrass but the feeling went way.
Soon something caught her eye, Jo turn to see Old Jack coming towards the heard. She called the bull old jack because for one, he was old and two, he hasn’t got any of the cows pregnant for a long time now.
As she watches him, he spots her and begins to trot towards her direction.
“Oh no, no way you are going to have me” Jo said as she begins to walk away, spotting this Jack sped up and mounts on her back.
“Get off me, get off me” Jo cried out but he did not, to Jo surprise her body was accepting it, her vagina became wet and open.
Jo could only do nothing as Jack began pump himself into her. Jo let out a low Moo as the pleasure flow through like a ragging river. Soon enough her dismounts off her.
Jo stood for a while still couldn’t believe that her first time she had sex was a bull.
“Well lucky for me, he’s been blank for years” Jo said to herself. As she walks away shanking off the feeling.
The day went slow, giving off a lot farts and enough dung to drown a garden Jo felt strange. She couldn’t explain but she did feel it, she knew she didn’t need to give milk since it wasn’t even the afternoon but she still felt strange.
“God what’s wrong with…” Jo paused as heard her own voice it sounded deeper longer she didn’t even sound like herself she sound more like cow if one could talk. “Okay must be a side effect” she said but as the hours past she found she was starting to moo between her wordings even saying some words was getting more difficult.
Night couldn’t come slower as she waited for Victor, soon she spots him go to one cow to another asks for her.
“Victmooo, over mooere” Jo forced out.
Victor turn to see that Jo seem to put some extra weight since yesterday.
“Wow Jo you put on some weight on” Victor told her as walks over to her.
“That doesn’t matterooo someoooo is wrong with meooo… I can’t stop moooooo” She cried out
“Well this shouldn’t happen!” victor explains “By the looks of things the transformation is trying to finish it self”
“Please turnmooo eeeee back” Jo cried out “I don’t want beooooo a moo”
“Okay let me…” Victor paused as he spots some dried sperm on her backside “Oh no please tell that a bull didn’t try to mate with you?”
“Yess moo?” Jo answered
“Oh no, the changes are progressing because you mated with a bull a now I fear that your pregnant!”
“MOOOO” Jo cried out “moo moooo”
“I’m sorry honey I can’t understand you” Victor said
Jo tried again but failed as she could only make grunts and moo’s. A tear ran down her face as she knew that her human life was now destroyed forever, she was a cow she was pregnant and she’ll never be able to tell Drake what she felt about him.

Jo’s father took it hard to accept that her daughter was a cow and pregnant, she was later place in Victor’s laboratories to find a reversal.
She did give birth to a young calf but her mother instincts forced her to stay with her young calf. Not giving Victor to even chance to change her back. She now wanted to be a cow, and wanted to be there for her young daughter.
The end.
cow tf but with a twist!
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ChiefJako Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015
Amazing. All your work is simply amazing!
NiMaLe01 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015
Please do more cow tfs like this
ender2864 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Could you please do a part 2. If at all possible
StarfallVulpixGirl Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw! Sweet story! In the end. Cause now she enjoys her new life!
By the way... Have you ever done a polar bear or lioness tf? Cause if you did, I'd love to read it! :D
djpokemonmaster12 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You should do a transformation story that affects the brain

Darkai26 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
u know u could twist it and make the mother and daughter humans the would be a real twist in the plot
FurFag69 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011
It was the hottest thing I have ever read. I would like that to happen to me. :(
TF-DiVinci Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011
Love it!!! Very nice story as I would love to see more like this one! :winner: :boogie:
ChiefJako Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015
Same, it really was quite awesome
Aegis27 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010 vctor just happens to have a human to cow without afecting brain or voice

very convieniate
octorber13 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2008  Hobbyist
another cool one.
Adalore Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't see many of your things where the cow transformation was "Willing" :p

Any way, good show.

Also if theres a "Want some thing like a transformation to happen" Always make sure to take procations. IE like making sure said bulls are Locked up. quite well.
or be the male... On that thought, I kinda want to see more male transformations. :p
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