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Chapter four: Results
By the shadow demon
(Woman-Anthro domestic cat)

Midday, and Catherine sat on her bed; her face sank in her hands as her newfound breasts grew in.  Her second set grew in a perfect size C while her lowest grew in to a size B.
Her tail grew longer to a nearly a foot long. Light brown hair grew over her belly and began on her breasts, to add brown hair also joined making the light brown hair as her belly colour of a cat.
Catherine removed her face from her hands, her whiskers bounce of her face as she turns to her full-length mirror to comfort her reflection.
Her face had form a slight feline muzzle; her ears were now large cat cars as they slowly moved upwards.
“How is this possible,” Catherine said to her surprise, she had a light purr in the voice now. “Mmeow is this going to stop?”
Catherine then notices her necklace against her ever-growing ‘fur’.
“That’s it, the necklace,” She said out loud as she hoped one to fall back down, she turn to her feet to see they where no longer her feet but paws of a cat. “I’ve got end it before it takes me over”
Quickly she reach back to grab the hook on the necklace, the moment she begin to get the hook loose, her fingers didn’t react to her as it suppose to.
She slowly moved her hands in front of her face to see they becoming more paw-like and no more human’s hands.
“I need to get to that old lady, but I can’t go like this I have to wait until” Catherine purred but reality kicked in “But how long can I wait?”

Night, Catherine not even daring to look at her reflection as she could already see her body was covered in light brown and brown fur. Her three-foot long tail swing behind her giving her more balance from her feet or ‘hind paws’.
The only thought she had as she walked down her stairs was ‘can it be reverse?’
Getting to her front door, it took both her hands or paws to turn the door handle.
Catherine stood in the cold night completely nude but her fur covered everything up.
With a deep breath, Catherine ran out of her front door, as she ran she felt her legs where much stronger now as if they were now built for running. It would have took her a good half hour to get to the old woman’s shop but Catherine knew she did half that time and not even buffed.
As Catherine walked up to the door she caught her reflection. Catherine paused to see a cat’s face staring back at her, everything had now changed into a some sort of human-cat, the only thing that hasn’t change was her long brown hair that seem to be same colour as her fur on her face.
Finding the door to be unlocked, Catherine entered the shop. Normally she wouldn’t see her nose in the dark, but now she could see everything. Catherine couldn’t believe she had now night vision, if she wasn’t freaking out that she was turning into a cat-human she would of found it cool.
As she searches the shop to find anything to get the necklace off, the light switches on. Blinding Catherine for a second as her eyes refocus to the light, Catherine turn to see the old woman standing there, her arm cross in a type of ‘disappointed’ way.
“I was wondering when you come back, Catherine” The old woman snickers.
“Please,” Catherine purred “I’m sorry that I stole from you, please turn me back!”
“Well, I’m not the one that transformed you, the necklace did” The woman explains, “You see when I was a young woman I heard of collection of necklaces called ‘Formunick necklaces’ each one has a different power to turn those how stole them into that they stole. In this case you stole the cat eye, and you are punished to forever walk as a cat”
“I never want this, please change back” Catherine meowed begging to the old woman
“I’m sorry honey, you are complete formed now, there’s no turning back now” woman said
“Please, change me back I have my entire life ahead of me!” Catherine purred
“What part of ‘I can’t’ do not understand! There’s only one solution for you now, to join the rest”
A sudden prick in the neck and Catherine blackout, when Catherine awoke she found herself in a type of habitat cage full of cat-women and cat-man. She also found that her necklace was no longer around neck.
As Catherine look around she could others, in one was cow-girls and bull-man another had snake people, as she look she found more and more of people as different animals.
As Catherine cried out for help, the only thing that did come out was long woman cat’s meow.

Catherine lived among her newfound cat family, she found a dissent cat-guy that she fell in love and had kittens with him. Catherine never knew how long her parents would look for her or how she missed her friends.
One day when she was feeding her kitten-babies, she notice a new comer in the cage, as she look the young cat-woman had beautiful light brown human hair, she could tell she was young maybe 15 of sixteen but as the cat-woman look up Catherine open eyes wide as she knew who it was… her little annoying sister!

The end???
final chapter in the Catherine series, sorry!
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Not a bad job at all! *Secretly wants to steal a snake necklace.*
Guilrel Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2007
Wow, that's a good story, it's just like one of the user's stories of Doc's Lab. :hmm: There are some spelling errors here and there but I did managed to read through it. This is one of the good basic TF stories I've read. :nod:
The-shadow-demon Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2007
Phank U! he he
Remember i'm an australian we spell things different
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